I didnt know I was pregnant despite bloating and leaving party for McDonalds

A woman felt like she was constantly bloated and craved McDonald’s – and was shocked to find out she was actually pregnant.

Despite noticing changes in her body and behaviour, Mia Clarke thought nothing of it at first.

From ducking out of parties to gorge on fast food, to having random nose bleeds throughout the day, it didn't dawn on the young woman that she was growing a baby inside of her.

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In a TikTok clip that has racked up 860,000 views in just a few days, Mia revealed some photos from Snapchat memories that saw her complain about her body – without knowing they were pregnancy symptoms at the time.

The mum-to-be first shared a snap of herself in some pink satin pyjamas and pulled the shirt back to expose her huge bump.

“Signs I was pregnant from my snap memories before I found out I was pregnant,” Mia explained.

Mia posted a picture of herself covering her mouth as she struggled to hold in her vomit, as she voiced: “[I had] non-stop sickness".

But looking back, she realised that this was morning sickness in her early stage of pregnancy.

At the time, Mia was baffled as to why she left a party early to get food – specifically for McDonald’s.

“What’s happened to me left a party for a Maccies and bed?” she questioned at the time.

It now makes sense in terms of early pregnancy cravings and fatigue.

The soon-to-be mum then started to notice that she was becoming ‘bloated’ and ‘joked’ how her tum looked different.

And, it wasn't just the physical changes Mia was going through.

In the viral clip, she shared that she cried within two minutes of watching TV show Euphoria, despite nothing ‘sad’ happening.

“[I] cried non stop over nothing”, she remarked.

To make matters even more confusing for Mia at the time, she experienced frequent nose bleeds – even though she never had one in her life before.

In fact, nosebleeds are common in pregnancies due to the hormonal changes women go through

Now heavily pregnant, Mia only has three weeks until she is due to give birth.

She reflected on the symptoms she didn't realise she had at the time.

The TikToker giggled: “No because me leaving a party for food? Should have been enough to realise.”

While some people were able to relate to the symptoms, some women now feared that they were also pregnant after watching the clip.

One person commented: “The constant tiredness, eating and bloating did it for me.”

Another user related: “I had constant nose bleeds the whole way through pregnancy too! never had them before and they stopped when I had a baby!”

While a third person voiced: “Your belly is so cute.”

Someone else gasped: “My heart racing more and more every time she says something.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person declared: “Why is this me naturally. I be getting scared.”

You can find more information on signs and symptoms of pregnancy from the NHS website, here.


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