I love being a fat model who strips off – people who troll me are insecure

A plus size model and influencer revealed she loves her curves – and doesn't care what the haters think.

Jilly Darling, from Philadelphia, US, is known for her body positivity, self-love and acceptance posts on social media – boasting 10,300 followers on Instagram and a substantial 28,300 TikTok fans.

Through her journey from a small Instagram account to a powerful influencer, she's inspired many to embrace their bodies and find confidence no matter their size, with her often seen stripping to lingerie and swimwear. However, as well as a large number of fans, she also has to deal with an onslaught of hate from 'fatphobes'.

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Talking about trolls, Jilly, who's a UK size 32, said: "In the early days of my TikTok journey, dealing with the relentless barrage of hate was undeniably tough. I have learned over time that you simply can't change people's opinions on certain things, and I was only wasting my own time and energy trying to do so.

"Now, I usually just delete negative comments and block people to make sure my platforms are a constant safe space for other plus-sized people. It helps me to remember that the people saying these harmful things are most likely deeply insecure individuals who don't think it's fair that I love myself as a fat person since they are struggling to do so."

As a social media influencer, Jilly takes great care to foster a profound connection with her followers through her content. "I make it a point to respond to almost every positive comment or question," she added. "I love talking with those who support me and even making friends with some of them! I would not be where I am today without the people who support me and stand by me."

In terms of content creation, Jilly, who also works as an office manage, employs a savvy strategy. "I always shoot ahead of time and make a bunch of videos at once because it works so well for me," she explained. "Having a queue of videos, especially those related to plus-size fashion, to post over a few weeks takes a lot of stress off the table."

Jilly offers valuable advice to those seeking to embrace the body positivity movement on social media, as she said: "Remember, your body is just one part of who you are. Rather than fixating on our physical attributes, like stomach size or clothing size, make authenticity a cornerstone of your online presence.

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"Choose to work with brands that resonate with your beliefs and things you genuinely enjoy. Also, don't hesitate to open up about those days when you feel bad about your body. By sharing these moments, you're letting others know it's okay to have those feelings too, and they're not alone."

The comments come after Jilly previously spoke out to say you can be both "fat and sexy" as she shared how she learned to love her body.

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