I love kids but will never have them – its a deal-breaker in relationships

A man opened up about his decision to not have kids as he believes it'll save the planet.

Richard Beresford, a member of Extinction Rebellion, fears becoming a dad would "feel criminal" given the current climate situation. The 40-year-old attempts to live the ultimate green life.

He does this by forgoing flights, trying to be zero waste and refusing to have children. The recruitment consultant only got a car for work in his 30s.

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He grows his own veg, glues himself to roads as part of climate protests and vows to never become a dad, despite loving kids.

Richard, from Bristol, who describes himself as a social justice warrior, said: "I've deliberately chosen not to have children. I don't think it’s a good idea to have them while our planet is dying, it would feel criminal.

"It was a decision I made in my very early 20s when I moved in with my first serious partner, up until that point I had a notion I would likely want to have children in the future, like most people.

"It's sad because I love people and want them to survive on the planet. Not having kids, not flying and being stringent about driving have been big barriers to my relationships.

"In the past I've had relationships fail in part because I believe I shouldn't have kids. But I don't think I could look a baby boy or girl in the face if they were to ask me why didn't I do something to stop it."

Richard would have loved to be a dad if it wasn't for the environment. He continued: "I would have loved to have started a family by now.

"I love kids and have worked with them a lot and am probably driven by a biological desire to want kids like most people.

"Sometimes I look at other people who have kids and I do have envy but morally speaking I think I’ve made the right decision."

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Since the age of 18, Richard has only taken two flights and instead of flying he will take a ferry or go on a staycation in the UK using public transport. He began donating to Greenpeace when he was 20.

He said: "I think if you need to go on a holiday then there's probably something in your life you want to change. I've never really felt the need to fly to America for example."

Richard's holiday policy has caused friction in relationships, especially when ex-partners have wanted to go on a beach getaway or romantic city break.

He explained: "I've had many arguments about why I don't want to travel thousands of miles to go sit on a beach. And the no kids thing has been a big point of controversy in at least two of my previous relationships."

And Richard is a committed environmental activist in his free-time. He still believes we should alter our lifestyles to save the planet.

Richard, who describes himself as a failed vegetarian or flexitarian, does his best to reduce meat consumption but can't resist when walking past a Greggs sometimes.

"Joining Extinction rebellion really helped me, it made me realise doing something is better than doing nothing," he concluded.

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