I never use my tumble dryer thanks to £17 Tesco gadget – it makes clothes crisp & dry with NO damp smell | The Sun

AN EXPERT has revealed how plug in heater on sale for £17 at Tescosaves her from having to use her tumble dryer.

Many householders have been reluctant to use tumble dryers over the last year after UK energy prices soared.

But nowa mum has revealed how he she uses an air dryer to substitute the affect of an energy intensive tumble dryer.

In a video on TikTok Chrissy.j.xx showed he puts the air dryer under a clothes rack. She then places a towel over the clothes.

Chrissy said her clothes are dry in around 90 minutes and "smell great" after she uses the dryer. The dryer is on sale at Tesco for £17.

TikTok users posted their thoughts on the hack.One said: "I put my plug I heater on near my washing when it's almost dry I finish off in dryer. It gives the same effect as heated clothes airer."

Another said: "They’ll also dry a lot better if you hang them over two rails so the clothes are more open and can get a good air flow to them."

A heating expert has revealed that sludge hidden in your radiators could be adding as much as £450 to bills.

A dirty heating system could increase your bills by as much as 25%, engineering lecturer Peter Brownrevealed.

With the average energy bill now £1,834 under the energy price cap from October 1, that means getting it sorted could lead to serious savings.

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Cleaning the dirt and build-up inside your radiator means it can run more efficiently.

When there's debris choking up the pipes it means the air can't circulate as well, so it takes longer to heat up or you might crank up the temperature dial.

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