I sell sexy vids while my kids are at school – they always come first though

A mum has opened up on how she juggles being a parent and selling sexy snaps and videos of herself on OnlyFans.

Australian model Lucy Banks says people are often 'fascinated by the double lives that women lead as sexual creatures and family-centred, doting mothers'.

So she's decided to explain exactly how it works for her.

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Lucy, who has already made $300,000 (£238,000) from her OnlyFans account this year, says she schedules her days according to two mindsets – ‘Mum mode’ and ‘OnlyFans mode’.

And she says she sticks diligently to her timetables.

"I'm up between 5-6 am each day – I'm a morning person," she insists.

"I make breakfast for my children, pack their lunches and make sure uniforms are ironed and ready for school. It takes me 1.5 hours to do the morning school run.

"After that, I'll come home and log into OnlyFans. I spend the next five hours chatting, sending videos and making new content.

"Even though I'm at home, I never do house chores during those hours. I'm in ‘OnlyFans mode’."

Talking about her day-to-day life, she adds: “Every day is different with the subscribers… sometimes I'm sexting and sending videos of what I'm doing to myself, or I'm having deep conversations about life.

"If it's quiet, I'll spend the day doing admin work and sorting out old videos, or I'll spend five hours filming, and sometimes I don't film at all.

"It just depends on who's online and what they want to see that day.”

Lucy, who used to have a banking job before OnlyFans, then switches gears into domesticity after her first shift of the day is finished.

“I never work when I'm in 'Mum mode'," she says.

"I’m back at school for pickup, which takes another 1.5 hours – along with sports, play dates, and appointments.

"After the kids are in bed, I'll go online for another 5 hours or so. Most nights, I don't go to sleep until 11-12 pm.

"The night times are always busier, so it's important that I'm online then."

Talking about people's perceptions of OnlyFans models, Lucy adds: "I think there are a lot of false narratives about OnlyFans creators being really sexual and living these wild lives… which is definitely true on some days!

"But for the most part, I'm just like any other mum who works from home… just a bit naughtier!

"The truth of the matter is, I love my job, and I love my kids to the point that I want to make them my number one priority.

"I started working in this industry so I can do my job around my kids, not raise my kids around my job."


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