I spent thousands of pounds on butt surgery – but it all went horribly wrong
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    A model admitted she splurged more than £8,000 on trying to transform her booty – but it all went horribly wrong.

    Brazilian model and influencer Juju Ferrari, 35, doesn't deny that she's a fan of cosmetic procedures.

    Between small treatments, such as Botox and hyaluronic acid applications on the face, and more invasive interventions such as silicone breast implants – she's undergone a lot of cosmetic work.

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    She already spent around $20,000 (£16,919) on treatments to transform her image, and even undergone butt augmentation, but not everything turned out exactly the way the curvy girl wanted.

    According to Juju, she managed to get the bigger buttocks she desired, but she has to keep undergoing treatment to keep her butt big and pert.

    “Today I use PDO threads for support," she said.

    "The doctor Giselle Mello, who accompanies me, makes the application of these threads where it pulls the muscle and supports the weight of the butt, which tends to pull down.

    "I must have, in each buttock, about a litre of product."

    According to Juju, about $10,000 (£8,460) were spent on the glutes alone, but she had to cough up even more cash due to medical errors.

    She has since had to keep retouching areas by using PDO threads (a procedure that uses dissolvable sutures to rejuvenate and lift sagging skin).

    Juju continued: "I had a butt procedure three years ago. I filled in three times.

    "The first [time] was in São Paulo.

    "He [doctor] didn't tell me exactly what the material was, but I assume it was industrial silicone.

    "The second time was in Rio de Janeiro, with a person I even knew, who was recently processed, and hydrogel was used.

    "Then he ended up mixing the two products."

    Juju said she didn't have a problem with any sort of infection, but didn't like how her booty looked.

    She said: "I have some nodules, like that were in the butt, and a purplish appearance.

    "I also feel some pain from time to time."

    Regarding the withdrawal of products, Juju added: "It is not something 100%. And it takes time.

    "I confess that I am fine at the moment, and I undergo constant evaluations to prevent any complications.

    "If the time comes to reverse it, then I'll do it."


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