‘I used to hide my big boobs away but now make £40k a month showing them off’

A plus size model who was insecure about her large breasts now proudly sets them free – and makes thousands a month doing so.

Laura Morgan, 30, from Newcastle, started to model five years ago after becoming best friends with Playboy bunny, Nina Woolley.

She's managed to rack up thousands of Instagram followers thanks to her stunning glamour shots.

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But Laura wasn't always so confident in flaunting her natural curves.

She used to be a self-proclaimed 'tomboy' who covered her cleavage, wore baggier clothing and sported straight brown tresses.

But after being taken under model Nina's wing, she's flourished in her own right.

Laura is only just getting started – but already made £40,000 in the first month, January 2022, alone.

"I was just so covered up before," Laura exclusively told us in a joint interview with best friend and business partner, Nina.

"I had very little self-confidence.

"And then when I started taking photos and seeing the photos I guess I realised that actually maybe I can do this.

"Nina would big me up a lot, it really helped because she’s be like ‘oh my God you look amazing’, so hearing that was really helpful.

"Then when I started posting and followers would grow really quickly."

Best friend and fellow model Nina added: "I think she always thought that because she was curvy, she almost wasn’t allowed to do it and then she realised that there was this whole bunch of people who just love that."

After making thousands in her first months on the popular adult subscription site, she decided to treat herself on a luxury holiday where she splashed the cash on booze and partying.

Despite not being able to hit the exact same high as the first month, Laura rakes in thousands from her sexy photographs were she's often pictured in extreme plunge dresses and naughty lingerie.

A 'bad' month for her and Nina would be around £4,000-£5,000 each – and that's still very good going.

Laura said: "I drank a lot of it – lots of bottles were bought in Cancun, Mexico.

"We did travel to be fair, travelled a lot, drank a lot and ate a lot of good food.

"It was just nuts.

"We've had a lot of memories and now I've got a house."

With the help of bestie Nina, Laura's confidence is now sky-high.

And she hopes to inspire other large-chested women to embrace their curvy figures by sharing her story.

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While posting on Instagram for the first time was daunting, many have felt inspired by Laura and her love towards her chest.

Laura said: "Girls did reach out and say ‘thank you for doing that’, 'we’ve got a similar body size and boob size’.

“I get comments from girls ‘I don’t think I could wear this top because I have big boobs’ and looking at me.

"You’ve got big boobs and they can’t go anywhere, you can’t pop them off and store them.

"You’ve got to embrace it – and I don’t think I did for a long time.

"And now it’s nice that girls message and say they’ve bought a top that I’ve worn or put a new top on because they don’t care anymore.

"I think that’s really nice and a really important part of this."

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