Im a Miss BumBum winner – fans are so obsessed theyll even get my name inked

A gorgeous model was left stunned by a fan's display of affection.

Carolina Lekker first hit headlines for charging £1,400 to test boyfriends' loyalty on social media. Soon after the Brazilian was crowned Miss BumBum 2022 winner.

Now it's all going in the right direction for the beauty as fans would do just about anything to get her attention. She shared what one admirer recently did.

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The model claimed a fan of hers decided to tattoo her name on their arm which left her speechless. She shared the tribute and expressed her surprise.

Carolina said: "Thank you for your kindness, I received this photo in direct, I confess I was moved, sometimes love comes from where we least expect it.

"I love my fans, there are few of them but they are real, those I I want for my life."

The influencer also stated she never imagined that someone would be able to show love on this level for her. She added: "It's the greatest show of affection I've ever received."

Since she shared the fan's tattoo, many people questioned whether it was real. Carolina continued: "Overall, my fans thought it was cool, some even commented they were also thinking about do the same.

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"I told them to think about it because it's something that lasts forever." The influencer is known for scooping the Miss BumBum Brazil 2022 award.

This event will certainly become a landmark in the history of its fans. Recently Carolina revealed she dumped her boyfriend after discovering his star sign.

The beauty has always had a thing for horoscopes and bears in it mind when it comes to love. So when she met her ex-lover, she thought it was all perfect until one discovery…

At the start of their romance, he claimed his star sign was Aquarius before a shocking twist left Carolina confused. The model then found out it was all a lie.

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