‘I’m ageing backwards thanks to a skin regimen that I introduced in my 20s’

A social media siren in her thirties has gone viral for lifting the lid on the routine that has helped her knock years off her face.

Content creator @bambidoesbeauty presented her viewers with a compilation of photos that highlight the breathtaking results of adhering to a skincare routine.

The video has racked up more than 20,900 likes after documenting the awe-inspiring skin journey of the content creator from her 20s into her thirties.

The video was shared with the caption: “You literally aged backward and only have skincare to thank.”

The transition leads up to the present day, where Bambi looks almost unrecognisable compared to the initial shots thanks to her glowing skin.

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One of the blatant differences in the content creator’s look over time is her skin, which is visibly darker and slightly dehydrated in the first pictures.

Another key difference is their hair colour, which goes from brunette to blonde colour that naturally enhances her features and softens the face.

The post, shared with the hashtags #skintock, #antiageing, and #antiagingskincare, accentuates the importance of skin hydration.

Many picked up that the makeup in the first pictures did nothing to bring out Bambi’s features, with one writing that the “skin needs hydration”.

They continued: “Makeup accentuates your dehydrated skin and dark hair did not fit you as a spring season palette person.”

Another commentator penned: “I thought you were a different person ngl [not gonna lie]. The transformation.”

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The beauty fan claims she adopts a “less is more” approach to skincare in her TikTok bio and frequently discusses the clips she wishes she had known in her twenties.

The 33-year-old often stresses the importance of cleansing the face every morning and using a gua sha tool to keep the skin firm.

In other clips, Bambi offers her fans useful hacks on fake tan application, makeup, and hairstyling to enhance natural beauty.

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