I'm in an all-female throuple: we started as friends then fell in love

Couple reveals how they fell in love with their best friend before forming a THROUPLE

  • Legacy, 26, and Kenzie, 23, originally downloaded Bumble BFF to make friends 
  • The couple matched with Amber, 27, who they described as the ‘missing piece’
  • The trio have been in a relationship together as a throuple since early 2022

When girlfriends Legacy and Kenzie downloaded Bumble BFF to make friends, they never imagined it would change their relationship forever.

The couple, who have been dating for three years, moved from Virginia to North Carolina, and joined the platform in a bid to make new connections.

But Legacy, 26, and Kenzie, 23, soon met 27-year-old Amber who they described as the ‘missing piece’ in their relationship.

The trio have been living happily as a throuple since early 2022 – despite what the haters say.

Amber, 27,  Legacy, 26,  and Kenzie, 23, have been all been in a relationship together since early 2022

The throuple have explained their relationship to curious followers in several videos posted to TikTok 

‘Yes we are all dating,’ Legacy stated in TikTok, describing their relationship. ‘They’re not just my girlfriends they are each other’s girlfriends as well, it is a throuple/poly situation.’

The throuple have explained their relationship to curious followers in several videos. In one clip, they revealed how they all met and started dating.

‘Kenzie slid into my Twitter [now X] DMs,’ Legacy explained a video in response to a question asking how they all met.

Legacy and Kenzie had gone to the same college, however they were a few years apart and didn’t meet until they started chatting online.

The couple had been dating for awhile when they explored the idea of opening up their relationship for a third partner, which took awhile for Kenzie to come around to.

‘I was kind of taken aback in the beginning,’ Kenzie admitted in a YouTube video from Love Don’t Judge.

‘She had questions,’ Legacy added. ‘Like, is it a lack of something in the relationship?’

‘I just never wanted to feel “limited” in the relationship,’ she concluded.  

Kenzie and Legacy had been dating for three years before they decided to open up their relationship – eventually meeting Amber on Bumble BFF

Although they didn’t intend to fall into a relationship, they’ve found themselves loving their unique situation 

Their TikToks are filled with comments about the throuple, some supportive and some admonishing the women

STORYTIME.. how we became a throuple ❤️ #fyp #loveislove #lgbt

When they moved, the couple decided to download Bumble BFF – insisting it was for friendship at first.

‘We were genuinely looking for friends when we met Amber,’ Legacy said. 

‘We literally hung out one time and then never stopped hanging out after that… We developed feelings that we didn’t expect,’ Kenzie added.

‘Amber really is the missing piece to the puzzle to be honest,’  Legacy gushed.

But the women are keen to disband any common misconceptions about being in a throuple, such as someone always being left out.

‘One common comment is people saying if you have two girlfriends one of them has to be the second option,’ Legacy said.

The happy throuple said their families weren’t surprised when they told them they each had two girlfriends, replying to a comment on a TikTok asking what their families thought.

After over a year together, the women are thrilled with their relationship and love having two girlfriends each

Legacy (middle) said she and Kenzie were ‘genuinely looking for friends’ when they met Amber


‘As one of the moms!!!! We all knew before they “came out,”‘ the comment read. ‘It was like Duh!! LOL… they are all amazing!!!’

‘I’m Legacy’s Mom and to piggyback off one of the ones already we already knew as well,’ the other mom wrote. ‘I was just waiting for Le to come & tell us. Love them all!’

The couple added they are ‘all on the same page’ and want kids some day as well.

The throuple’s unique relationship has received plenty of support online – but also naysayers, slamming the women for their choices.

‘Aww, this is so wholesome,’ one user gushed. ‘You guys are so charming!’


Others slammed the women for their unusual relationship. 

‘Where is GOD in all of this,’ a user exclaimed. ‘Sad, just sadness.’

‘Ngl I got a feeling they not gonna last which I mean is one of ’em, not hating just got the feeling,’ wrote another.

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