Internet slams mum's hippy dippy' baby name

Mum’s ‘hippy dippy’ baby name is shut down by hundreds online: ‘Please don’t do that to a child’

  • A mum has been slammed for wanting to call her baby ‘Shine’ 
  • She asked Reddit users if the name was too ‘hippy dippy’
  • But people shut down the idea saying ‘Shine’ isn’t a name 

A mum-of-one has been slammed online for asking if the name ‘Shine’ was appropriate for her next baby. 

In a post to Reddit, the mother said she is not having a second child soon but loves ‘thinking of names’ and asked if Shine was ‘too hippy dippy’. 

So many parents responded to the post saying anyone with the unorthodox name would not be ‘taken seriously’ that the woman nixed the moniker from her list. 

 Hundreds quickly shut down a mum after she asked if ‘Shine’ was an appropriate name for her second child

‘I feel like many people name their second baby in a more playful way,’ the mum wrote in the post.

‘I don’t necessarily want to do this as I think it makes it seem like the first born must somehow bare more weight in seeming more serious.’

She added that she doesn’t know if she’ll have a second child soon but enjoys thinking about potential names. 

‘Is Shine too light of a name? My first born has a classic name,’ she added.

Many in the replies were quick to criticise the unusual choice saying Shine ‘isn’t a name’. 

‘That’s not a name. Please don’t do that to a child,’ one person said.

‘Oh honey no,’ another woman said.  

 So many people responded saying someone with the unorthodox name would not be ‘taken seriously’ that the woman nixed the moniker from her list

‘Imagine your child applying for an important internship in their dream career. Shine is at the top of her resume in big letters. Will she be taken as seriously?’ a third pointed out. 

Others suggested alternative names like Cassandra which means ‘to shine’ and Zara which means ‘brilliant, shining, bright’. 

‘How about Marigold, Goldie? Other names which are fun and ‘hippy dippy’ are Indigo, Saffron, Olive, Poppy, Rosie, Summer, Stella, Ottilie, Clover,’ one woman recommended. 

Not everyone was of the opinion Shine was a terrible name for child and one person even knew someone with the moniker. 

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‘I know someone named Shine. They are Native American. It isn’t that out there if you ask me. There are worse ‘actual names’ than naming your baby Shine,’ they said. 

‘I actually don’t think Shine is too out there. I think the bigger issue is that your older child already has a classic name,’ one user replied. 

‘I honestly quite like it. It’s short, simple, and I like its meaning,’ agreed a third. 

The feedback made the mum reconsider Shine and she shared her other name options.    

‘Ha! Got it loud and clear! I’m actually more into classic names but for some reason, this one got me! For a boy, I like Callum, for a girl, Florence,’ she said. 

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