January 29 – 134 years ago since British artist Edward Lear died

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Nicholas Main was forced to fight a bitter court battle for compensation to be able to pay for his young toddler Anna’s upkeep. His wife Sundari died after a caesarean section went wrong during Anna’s birth four years earlier, six months after their marriage.

58 years ago (1965) Tens of thousands of mourners gathered in London for Sir Winston Churchill’s state funeral.

Planning for the funeral, which was known as Operation Hope Not, began 12 years before his death when the wartime leader suffered a stroke during his second term as Prime Minister.

It was the last state funeral until Queen Elizabeth II’s.

54 years ago (1969) The Beatles gave their last public performance on the roof of Apple Records in London’s Savile Row.

Joined by US keyboardist Billy Preston, the group played a set of new songs, including Get Back and Don’t Let Me Down, before police arrived and shut them down.

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