Kate approaches children in Wales ‘differently’ than Diana

Prince William and Kate return to royal duties with visit to Wales

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Kate Middleton stepped out in Wales on Tuesday, which was her first appearance as the Princess of Wales in the country. The Princess wore a red coat from LK Bennett, which some royal fans suggested was a nod to the late Princess Diana.

This was because Diana also wore red during her first official visit to Wales when she became the Princess of Wales back in 1981. 

On Tuesday, Kate met with members of the public following a visit to the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) Holyhead Lifeboat Station in Anglesey, northwest Wales.

Many of the people Kate interacted with were young children, which reminded fans a lot of the late Princess Diana who famously loved greeting young children.

Was Kate’s approach to these young children reminiscent of her mother-in-law?

Judi James, a professional body language expert spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to offer her analysis.

She said: “Kate’s approach to both of these small children is so well-timed and well-crafted to make the most of the experience for both of them.

How did this happen?

Judi claimed: “He stands open-mouthed in surprise and excitement and Kate mimics the pose to create instant empathy.

“She bobs down in a bounce to crouch to his height to make him feel special and important.”

This act of crouching down to talk to young children is something Diana originated as a member of the Royal Family.

It was seen as breaking the mould of royals who would talk down to children, as opposed to talking to them.

What else did Kate do on Tuesday to show the child had her “total attention”?

Judi explained: “With Kate’s smart coat trailing on the ground, this showed he had her total attention rather than any concerns about her clothing.

“In addition, when he is still grinning in excitement she touches his chest with one finger in a gesture of affection.

“She also places one very caring hand on his back,” Judi claimed.

Overall, how do Kate’s actions with young children compare to Princess Diana’s?

Judi suggested: “Comparing Kate’s appeal to Diana’s is tricky as their approach is slightly different but the result is similar.

“Diana was so openly tactile that the hugs came first,” Judi opined.

She added: “Whereas Kate works in stages to build a child’s trust, although both techniques end in touching and memorable moments.”

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