Kim Kardashian & Scott Disick Sued For $40 Million Over Instagram Scam

Kim Kardashian has been involved in a lot of lawsuits over the years, but few have been as bizarre as the recent one she was named in alongside her sister’s ex Scott Disick.

According to Page Six, the pair are being sued for falsely claiming that their followers had a chance to win luxury gifts for participating in a fake lottery. The prizes promised included first-class tickets to Los Angeles, a three-night trip to Beverly Hills, and a cool $10,000.

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Kim and Scott both promoted the contest on their social media pages. Reports say that so did other Kardashian-Jenner family members, like Kourtney, Khloe, Kris, and Kylie, though they’re not named as defendants.

The family allegedly teamed up with Curated Businesses, an Australian company, to organize the contests, which were meant to encourage people to follow their social media pages in exchange for a chance at winning.

The lawsuit was brought forth by a variety of people who participated in the content but didn’t win. They allege it was all a scam and that there were never any actual winners.

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In fact, the lawsuit is accusing Curated Businesses alongside Kim and Scott of using the lottery as a way to collect people’s personal information, which could then be sold to advertisers.

The defendants are seeking $40 million in total for damages – $20 million from Kim, and the other half from Scott.

Though the Kardashian-Jenners have not publicly responded to the lawsuit, Curated Businesses reached out to TMZ to address the claims. They say they have named legitimate winners and have the paperwork to prove it, though no documents have been revealed publicly.

The case remains ongoing.

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Kim was hit with another lawsuit earlier this month when her brand SKIMS came under fire for producing dangerous body tape.

A woman is suing the company after she said she bought it off Amazon, only for it to damage her skin and require medical treatment. SKIMS’ attorneys have alleged, however, the tape she bought was counterfeit and they’re therefore not responsible for her injuries.

Earlier this year, Kim and her family came out on the successful side of a lawsuit brought forth by Blac Chyna. She alleged the Kardashian-Jenners were responsible for getting her show Rob & Chyna cancelled after her split from Rob Kardashian (they share daughter Dream, 5), though a judge ultimately tossed out the case.

It looks like Kim may be spending even more time in court this year and next, if her two new lawsuits are any indication.

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