Lizzie Sider Debuts Spanish Version Of Anti-Bullying Hit ‘Butterfly’: Listen

Lizzie Sider took her upbeat hit ‘Butterfly,’ that details rising above bullying, and translated it into Spanish, creating Mariposa.’ Listen here & watch the new lyric video!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and while there’s only a few more days left, it’s important to bring awareness to the bullying that plagues schools around the country. Singer Lizzie Sider, 20, was inspired by her own bullying experience and wrote her debut radio single “Butterfly” to detail rising above the hate. “The bullying I experienced in grade school was something that I was fortunate to come out of greater, and stronger, and I really learned who I was through that trial,” Lizzie said in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “Seeing that I have the power within myself to overcome whatever it is in life, that was a lesson I learned in Fourth or Fifth grade and I have taken that with me and that kind of became a centerpiece of my life.”

In addition to her Top 40 charting song “Butterfly,” Lizzie hit the road on her “Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day” tour, speaking to and performing for over 400 elementary and middle schools throughout the country. “I put together a show and I wanted to incorporate my music as well and make it something fun. I wanted to make it kind of like a roller coaster so that these kids would feel like they’re learning something, without it feeling like they’re learning something,” the singer explained. “I wanted to go into schools because that’s where the start of everything is. In schools, where these kids are spending most of their time throughout their young lives.”

Through her experience on tour, Lizzie realized that in several of schools she visited, Spanish was the first language. “There was nothing more that I wanted to do but to bring this song to them in their native language because it’s a message that connects with everybody,” she said. “So, to be able to have that in the language that you call home must be very special. So, now it’s Spanish, but I hope to translate it and sing it in other languages down the road as well.” Lizzie also has a book titled Butterfly, coming out this month, as well!  You can listen to “Mariposa,” here!

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