Lover still lives with his ex and gets angry when I suggest moving out | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: THE man I fell in love with still lives with his ex even though they split up five years ago.

They have separate lives and only speak if they need to discuss something regarding the house.

When we met three years ago, we fell deeply in love and planned to live together.

I’m 43 and he is 45. He put their house on the market but said he wasn’t getting the asking price so took it off.

My partner’s excuse was if it sold, he would have nowhere to live.

I rent a room in a shared house and it’s too small for both of us.

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Now whenever I ask him about selling the house he loses his temper.

I’m questioning whether he is the right man for me at all.


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DEIDRE SAYS: The house seems to be more of a priority than you.

If he’s living with her, then he’s not really an ex.

Exes have different addresses.

They may be having separation issues, where one of them secretly hopes to reconcile, or they can’t be bothered to move on.

Ask him how long the current arrangement will continue, and then make it clear what your limits are.

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