Maisie Williams Partners With H&M, Stars In VR Campaigns

Maisie William’s is the fresh face and authoritative environmentalist H&M needed to fuel its recycled fashion campaign.

Williams made her mark as a daring feminist and independent thinker as Arya Stark on HBO’s once heralded and now somewhat notorious series Game of Thrones. While unsatisfactory at best and infuriating at worst, Williams hasn’t let the controversial show ending slow down her career. From the X-Men’s The New Mutants to sporting bold blocks of eyeliner and a translucent, lemon-lime overcoat as Pamela Rooke for the new FX Sex Pistols drama, Williams hasn’t missed a beat.

Her next power move is stepping in as H&M’s new Global Sustainability Ambassador. Williams was unwilling to plaster her name on just any brand partnership but took an interest in H&M’s pledge to using only sustainable and recycled fabrics by 2030. She told Vogue, “After I was able to sit down with some of the team at H&M and hear more about their concrete goals and what they’re planning to do, I realized it wasn’t this pipe dream. It’s something real that they’re dedicated to implementing.”

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The sustainable brand partnership will be grounded in a virtual reality campaign starring William’s platinum alter ego, reminiscent of Miley Cyrus’s Black Mirror episode. Both narratives’ relevance reflects an increasingly empowered young Hollywood that pushes back on heteronormative marketing expectations and seeks to define stardom and entertainment for themselves. William’s avatar will be making her debut in Animal Crossing, a game already familiar with implementing luxury labels. This time, however, the concept of recycling is taken a step further as users are encouraged to use Looop, H&M’s garment-to-garment recycling system. Since last year, Williams has been a massive fan of the game and notes it as a sustainable space for fashion exploration and some much-needed escapism.

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William’s avatar was designed by her in partnerships with Goodbye Kansas Studio, who are also responsible for Keanu Reeves’s presence in the highly anticipated but unfortunately glitchy Cyberpunk 2077 Game. The platinum and digitized Williams will be unveiled and joined by H&M global sustainability manager Pascal Brun on April 13th. According to Brun, H&M chose to partner with Williams for her passion for sustainability and a need to market to a younger and more environmentally conscious audience. Brun told Adweek, “she and I have had such interesting talks about how to inspire and engage people, and she is an amazing person to discuss this with.” Together, William’s avatar and Brun will host a live session on Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Looop Island, a hub of recycled fashion. According to Adweek, the island is based on H&M’s real-life initiative to close ‘the loop in fashion’ by finding new purpose for unused garments. The idea behind the online meet and greets and push for recycled fashion is that users will transfer these values to real life. Williams finishes her interview with Vogue, saying, “I hope that as people are playing this game and recycling their clothes online, they can make the connection between what is happening [virtually] and what they can pick up off a shelf in a store.”

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