Make your own butter for 99p with just one ingredient as Lurpak cost soars

With the cost of Lurpak soaring, you might be looking for a cheaper alternative to your favourite butter.

But that doesn't have to mean opting for a different brand.

TikTok sensation Luke Cameron has very helpfully shared a hack for making your own butter for just 99p.

Better still, you only need one ingredient and an item you might already have lying around the house.

Luke, aka Lopwert on TikTok, shared the hack in a video after reports that the average price of a 500g tub of Lurpak has risen by a wallet-hitting 33% in the past year.

To make your own butter at home, he says all you need is 99p double cream and a sports bottle.

He concedes you'll also require plenty of elbow grease, muscle power and a bit of time to churn the cream into butter.

The video has had 250,000 views on TikTok, with thousands of viewers saying they’re going to do the same and that they're "saving for later".

Luke is best known for his product and food reviews on TikTok and has amassed a huge 383,000 followers, 14.6m likes and over 150m views on the platform.

He said: “The cost of butter is ridiculous and when I saw that Lurpak had reached £7, I knew I needed to look at alternatives. I love baking and have made butter before but know that most people can’t afford expensive equipment.

"All it takes is a sports bottle and a little bit of muscle and 10 minutes later, you've got your butter!”


  • Double Cream
  • Sports Bottle
  • Muscle Power


  1. Pour your double cream into a plastic bottle with a wide rim – many have used a protein shaker or smoothie blending bottle
  2. Close the lid securely to avoid spillages and begin shaking the bottle vigorously
  3. The cream will go through several stages until it becomes butter. It’ll initially start to curdle and get harder, but you need to keep shaking
  4. Once there is a blend of a milky-looking liquid (buttermilk) and a fairly solid yellow-hued slab of butter, you’re almost there
  5. Strain the buttermilk out, but preserve it to make pancakes, cakes or friend chicken batter
  6. Remove the slab of butter and rinse it in a bowl of water with ice cubes (you may need to do this a few times), or under the tap with cold water
  7. Keep rinsing the butter and bring the slab together, collecting any parts that break off in the water and blend them with the main blob
  8. Once the water is fairly clear and there is no more milk coming from the butter, gather the butter slab and place it in a container. Store it in the fridge

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