Martine McCutcheon’s wholesome Easter weekend – family reunion to egg hunt

Martine McCutcheon and her family had a world of fun as they danced, sang and enjoyed their Easter celebrations which involved lots of wholesome moments including a special reunion.

The actress, who rose to fame in EastEnders, took to Instagram to share highlights from the family's action packed Easter weekend filled with heartfelt moments and a lot of bunny ears.

Sharing a reel on Sunday, Martine – who is mum to Rafferty, eight, with her husband Jack McManus – showed the family doing an Easter egg hunt in the garden, flower arranging and playing games.

They later went on a walk together, before singing karaoke and making the most of the sunshine by playing tennis.

Her parents were also there to join in on the fun, with Martine sharing that she hadn't seen her mum "for months" beforehand and that her son "was so excited to finally see his Nan and Grandad".

Alongside the reel, the actress wrote the sweet caption: "A little taster of of our Easter weekend so far! We haven’t seen my mum for months and Rafferty was so excited to finally see his Nan and Grandad as he’s missed them terribly bless him.

"The Mac’s were over on Good Friday and were ready for some fun & games with the fam as always! Walkies and snuggles with Don were of course on list. As was some beautiful flower arranging and crafting (So good for the soul) and then watching Rafferty play a bit of tennis in the sunshine was fun!

"We are currently singing this song at the top of our lungs! We love a bit of Mr Styles in the Mac household! Happy Easter All! I’m going to sleep well tonight that’s for sure!."

In the video, the family were all seen wearing Easter bunny ears and sporting huge grins as they did an Easter egg hunt, before an egg and spoon race in the garden.

Inside, they opted for Easter-themed games including throwing the inflatable hoops on the bunny ears, which Rafferty was seen wearing as they played in their living area.

Another snap of their cosy family home included an Easter display in front of a piece of artwork on a chest of drawers.

The artwork had small, flower fairy lights hanging from it while an Easter tree was decorated with eggs and animal ornaments.

Three cuddly toys were also positioned in front of it: a chick, rabbit and a lamb, alongside an Easter basket.

Other wholesome highlights from the day included the family posing in a Happy Easter sign.

Martine wore a grey sports sweatshirt with leather look leggings and trainers for the action-packed day, paired with pink bunny ears and a bow tie.

Her son and parents were also spotted wearing bunny ears throughout the celebrations.

The mum took a selfie with her son as they continued the celebrations indoors.


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