Meghan Markle’s facialist shares her five top lockdown beauty secrets for amazing skin

If you, like us, are grappling for as many beauty secrets as you can get then you’ve come to the right place because Meghan Markle’s facialist has taken to Instagram to share her top five skincare tips for lockdown and they’re just the beauty secrets you’ve been after.

Sarah Chapman, who is known to be Meghan Markle’s facialist, took to Instagram recently to gush over the royal.

She penned: “Through my work I am fortunate to meet some incredible, interesting and inspirational people and over the past 2 ½ years I feel honoured to have spent much time with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“With Meghan, what began as a client relationship quickly turned into a dear friendship and she welcomed me into their lives.”

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The skincare expert then posted a detailed video titled “at home facial with Sarah,” where she discussed “spending more time cocooned at home,” and her desire to help people feel their best as a result.

Without further ado, these are Sarah’s top tips…

1. Create a zone

Sarah makes it clear that she believes “creating a zone,” as she calls it, is of utmost importance before you begin a skincare routine.

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She says: “Light a candle and burn some essential oils. It’s all part of making you feel good.” She then advises cleansing before anything else, whilst showing fans how to do it from home.

2. Massaging

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Sarah drives home the importance of massaging the face, adding that she usually massages at the beginning of a facial under steam for quite some time.

She adds that massaging “illuminates the dullness on the skin,” and “helps move through any breakouts,” but adds that you should be firm when massaging the face and use the knuckles to create a “deep sweeping” feeling.

3. Fresh air and exercise

Sarah adds that diet and exercise is extremely important when it comes to skincare. She added: “Lack of fresh air will have an effect on the skin as will lack of movement. We need to get the blood rushing around to get as much oxygen into our body, so trying to do some form of exercise helps.”

The facialist also advised that “everyone should be taking vitamin D supplements right now,” adding that they’re “very important” for the skin.

4. Pinching

Next, Sarah moves onto the importance of pitching and doing little movements on the skin.

She says: “Do little pinching movements and the skin will start to go red. You’ll start to see a flush and we want to see a flush as it brings oxygen, nutrients and life back into the skin.”

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Referring to lockdown she added: “If this whole experience is making you look really dull and you feel your skin is dry then these movements make you look like you’ve just had a run in the park or gone on a mountain walk.”

5. Protect the skin from UV Rays

Sarah says sunscreen is essential whether you’re indoors or out. She explained: “I get asked this a lot and yes it’s really important because even if you aren’t outside, UVA rays penetrate through glass and there’s also the blue light that comes from our computers.”

Sarah champions Glow Illuminating Elixir from her skincare line because it tackles blue light pollution and raises money for charity too.

“It’s a limited-edition product we launched for The Prince’s Trust and their Women Supporting Women initiative,” she said.

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