Mrs Hinch reveals the method that keeps her home tidy with two boys

Mrs Hinch reveals the Declutter Jar method that keeps her home tidy with two toddlers

  • Sophie Hinchliffe, 32, shard her new method for slowly decluttering her home
  • Mother-of-two has been using a ‘Declutter Jar’ to clear out items everyday
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Mrs Hinch has revealed she’s ‘obsessed’ with her easy Declutter Jar method for keeping her home tidy with two toddlers.

The mother-of-two – who has amassed over 4.6m Instagram followers thanks to her cleaning tips and tricks – appeared on Lorraine today to promote her new children’s book Welcome to Hinch Farm. 

During the segment, the social media star, 32, from Essex, was quizzed by Lorraine Kelly about her new method for decluttering her home little by little.

Sophie said: ‘I’m obsessed with [my Declutter Jar] at the moment. It’s as simple as filling a jar with numbers from one to 30.

‘Then each day when you get the chance, you just take one out and you find that number of objects around the home or garden to a piece of furniture.

‘And you just recycle it, donate it, you get rid of it, bin it. You empty that amount of items – and I’m hooked!’

Since posting about her new approach to decluttering earlier this year, Sophie says she has just a couple of Post-It notes left in her jar and is enjoying watching followers take on the challenge too.

As Lorraine praised the achievable method of decluttering, she added: ‘It can be as little as a hairclip or a button.

‘These little things that you don’t realise build up. I’m loving it.’

What’s more, Sophie said the method is ideal as her sons Ronnie, three, and Lennie, one are ‘not tidy’.

That said, the social media star said her husband Jamie isn’t quite as on board with daily declutters.

Sophie joked: ‘My husband [isn’t loving it] quite so much as his boxers are gradually vanishing!’

Mrs Hinch has been using her ‘Declutter Jar’ to slowly clear out items in her home on an everyday basis

Left: She began by filling the jar with notes numbered from one to 30. Right: Sophie’s son Lennie picks out a note

Left: She started by tackling her husband’s shoes on her first day. Right: Sophie divided the objects into three categories – shoes, clothes and toys

Sophie joked during the Lorraine segment that her husband Jamie (pictured together last year) ‘wasn’t loving’ her decluttering method as much as her

Earlier this year, Sophie posted a Reel on her Instagram – which has racked up over 4.2m views – demonstrating how she started her ‘Declutter Jar’. 

She captioned the video: ‘Write numbers 1-30 , pop them in a jar! Every day pick one out , and find that number of items around your home / garden that you know deep down you no longer need / use and then send them on their merry way! 

‘Charity shops , recycling centres, clothes banks , online sales pages. I’m already excited to see what number gets pulled out my jar tomorrow.’

After writing out all the numbers, Sophie filmed her youngest son Lennie picking one of the notes – which had the number 15 written on it.

In order to find enough items to declutter, the mother began with her husband’s wardrobe and her sons’ toys.

She them filmed herself separating them into three separate piles – including stuffed animals, shoes and shorts.

Sophie Hinchliffe, 32, appeared on Lorraine this morning to promote her new children’s book Welcome to Hinch Farm

Cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch has launched her children’s book based on her own family, in her latest business venture

Although Sophie was thrilled with her first try, her partner Jamie left a couple of cheeky comments on the video.

He joked: ‘I was hoping to keep those River Island shoes to be honest. The flip flops are going nowhere!’ 

The clip has racked up over 1,600 comments and followers pledged to try the tip for themselves. One replied: ‘Love this idea!’

 ‘Such a brilliant idea,’ another added. ‘I can see my self putting the numbers back in the jar. Wish I had your motivation.’

‘What a clever idea,’ a third. ‘I want live a more minimalist home life this year so this will be a good one to try.’

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