Mum fell pregnant when she was already pregnant – and gave birth to twins

When mum-to-be Odalis Martinez De La O had a pregnancy scan she was in for a shock – not only was she pregnant with twins, but they were conceived almost a week apart.

Odalis, 26, fell pregnant with her first baby on the last day of her menstrual cycle – before she conceived again five days later.

The phenomenon is called superfetation and is incredibly rare – surprising even Odalis’ own doctors.

Thankfully, her pregnancy went smoothly and twins Lilo and Imelda were born in August 2021.

Odalis, a programme manager, from San Francisco, California, US, said: ‘I was definitely shocked.

‘Firstly, because it was twins, and secondly, processing the fact that they were conceived five days apart.

‘I’ve never really known how twins work so I didn’t know that could happen – it was a really great surprise.

‘We had a miscarriage the first time we tried, so getting the news that it was two was beautiful.

‘All my family were asking how that can happen, we were all so shocked.

‘It’s good information to know about. I’m telling all my friends to be careful now!’

Odalis and her husband, Antonio, 32, a university programme director, found out their daughters were conceived at different times in January 2021.

During a check up, they were told that Lilo and Imelda, now one, were ‘measuring differently’ and had been conceived at different times.

‘I think even the ultrasound nurse was a bit confused too, but did her best to normalise the situation,’ said Odalis.

Lilo was conceived first, with Imelda five days later – and despite not being identical twins, Odalis says people think they look alike.

‘I can definitely tell them apart, but they have some days where they look extremely alike,’ she said.

Even now, as the girls’ get older, medics are surprised by how they came into the world.

Upon taking the twins to their first medical appointment, Odalis was met with confusion.

She said: ‘It was a student doctor that came and spoke to us.

‘I said the babies were conceived five days apart and she was confused. She went and got the senior doctor and even she asked, “What do you mean?”

‘She said she hadn’t heard of it.

Odalis took to TikTok to share her rare experience, where the video racked up over 1.5 million views and attracted plenty of interest – with other users sharing their own stories.

‘Yes. mine are 14 days apart both girls two different dads – try explaining that,’ wrote one commenter.

Another said: ‘I didn’t know you could conceive twins days apart!! TikTok teaches me something new everyday.’

Whilst a third added: ‘What! I had no idea this was possible.’

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