Mum says ‘you’re not bad parent if you raise your voice’ in brutally honest post

An honest mum has told other parents "you're not a bad mum because you raised your voice" in a defiant back to school post.

Anneliese King is a content creator who works to help parents feel seen.

The mother, who boasts over 290,000 followers on Instagram, has recently opened up about the way parents can get labelled.

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She opened up in a post aimed at parents who feel "tired" – telling them that it's fine to have down or lazy moments, and that these things don't make you a bad parent.

Sometimes mums can feel bad for shouting or not doing a lot of work around the house, but she wanted other parents to know that this is perfectly normal and every parent goes through the same experiences.

Sharing a candid snap on Instagram, she said: "Listen up you tired b***h.

"You aren't a bad mum because you raised your voice. The laundry can wait, and you don't look a day over 27."

In the snap, the mum posed as if she was blowing a kiss to her followers – and also posted a little message alongside it.

Writing on Instagram, Anneliese said: "Just dropped Emerson off for his first day of his last year of preschool.

"Somehow we were the first car there. Mainly because I’ve been ready for this moment for four weeks – anyone else????

"We got this."

Since she shared the post more than 4,000 people have liked it, and dozens of people left comments.

People have told Anneliese they "love" her honesty, as it's something more people need to hear.

One person commented: "I feel this in my bones. All of it."

A second person added: "I am excited for preschool every day.

"Thankfully my kid is too. Cannot wait until he goes to school all day."

A third also said: "I would say you don't look a day over 25.

"I can promise you the laundry isn't going anywhere. No need to hurry to catch it.

"And kids need to be raised as normal people as parents or they will have a very skewed view of the outside world.

"In the real world people occasionally raise their voices."


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