My brother kissed my wife passionately at our wedding – Im convinced theyre sh*gging
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    On our wedding day my brother kissed my new wife so passionately that I convinced myself that they were in love.

    I confronted them, only to be told that I was “crazy”. On our honeymoon she spent most of the time looking at her phone and laughing.

    Three years ago, he moved to Dubai for work and she was sulking around. Again I accused her of being in a relationship with him, but she denied it. Now I’ve caught them sh*gging on the back seat of his car and the truth is out.

    They have been sleeping together for years. It started weeks after I brought her home to meet our parents.

    She says she’s sorry and he won’t look me in the eye. What did I ever do to deserve this?

    JANE SAYS: Very sadly, your marriage was doomed from the start.

    For whatever reason, your wife married you knowing that she was in love with your own brother.

    Now your worst fears have been confirmed, but you cannot allow them to bring you down. Tell your wife that you’re moving on because I don’t see how this sham marriage can be saved.

    Make plans. Pursue your dreams and be the bigger person. As for your brother, leave him to stew because it’s up to him to apologise.

    You cannot allow this sorry incident to make you bitter. Allow yourself to heal and love again and trust your instincts more in future.

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