My dads on a sex binge after his divorce and boasts to me about his exploits

My dad’s libido is out of control. He’s recently divorced and on a massive ego trip.

He’s discovered dating apps. They’ve opened up a new world of sexual adventures. He boasts about being out most nights getting his wrinkly end away…

From younger women to same-age divorcees, he’s in his element, but I’m not amused.

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I fear he’s nothing but a dirty old man and that he doesn’t care who he uses for cheap thrills.

My poor mum would be ­devastated if she knew how he’s carrying on. I live in fear of someone telling her.

They only divorced last June. At the time he was devastated that she wanted her freedom after years of a sex-free marriage.

She blamed him for neglecting her in the bedroom because he was too lazy to make an effort. Their divorce was hideous.

Now to learn that he’s rediscovered his mojo just a few months later insults all of us. He basically ripped our family apart simply because he couldn’t make things work with mum.

He’s reinvented himself with flash clothes, a new haircut and an earring. He assumes I’m a pal and that I’m impressed by tales of his sexual exploits, but I’m disgusted by them.

At the moment he’s courting at least three rich widows, promising them company, marriage and stability, but I know he’s just stringing them along.

I’ve met two of these women and they’re really nice. They don’t know about each other and think my dad is a decent guy, when he’s really a selfish rogue.

Dare I burst his bubble?

JANE SAYS: Your father is newly single and loving his carefree life.

Obviously, you don’t want anything to come between you, but if you cannot ­condone the way he’s be-having then you’re entitled to speak your mind.

Explain that you worry he’s being unsafe and selfish. What about the feelings of the women he’s seeing?

Also remind him STI rates have more than doubled among middle-aged adults and the elderly recently.

Your father may feel he’s immune, but he’s at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.

If he’s mature enough to have sex, he should be ­mature enough to choose his partners wisely and to always use a condom.

Insist on an adult heart-to-heart session and suggest he checks out STIs on the NHS Choices website.

A little chat about exploitative behaviour and kindness might also be a good idea.

Ultimately, he can do what he likes, but make it clear you don’t want the details.

I know you’re keen to protect your mother, but the chances are she’ll hear the truth for herself soon.

Don’t allow yourself to ­become overburdened or the piggy-in-the-middle.

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