My fiancé and I slept with our friend – then they dropped a bombshell

A couple’s dream threesome turned into a nightmare when their female friend dropped a bombshell revelation.

The bride-to-be shared her shocking story on the “Life Uncut” podcast, leaving the hosts gobsmacked.

She wrote anonymously to the hosts: “I’m at an absolute loss. My fiance and I have been together for six years. We have an amazing relationship, and shortly after we got engaged we decided to make our secret fantasy a reality.”

She further explained that she had always wanted a threesome and asked her fiance if he would be willing – a one-off experience before they got married.

They both agreed and she ended up asking a friend of hers if she would like to take part.

The woman’s friend agreed, and the trio met up to discuss what they were okay with and how it would all go down. On the night of the act, they got drunk before heading to the bedroom.

“To be honest the whole night felt like an exciting blur,” the engaged woman said, before revealing the unexpected news that her friend later disclosed.

“Last week, she called and dropped an absolute bombshell on us. She told me that she was pregnant – and that my fiance is the father.”

The bride-to-be revealed that her partner confessed to possibly breaking the condom during their threesome, but he was “too drunk to remember.”

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This could be the biggest dilemma we’ve ever been sent. Such a hard situation to navigate. What are your thoughts?You can listen to ours in today’s episode – search “life uncut” wherever you get your podcasts

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The woman’s friend decided to keep the baby, leaving the bride-to-be feeling “blindsided” and “overwhelmed”.

She expressed her confusion and distress, saying: “I have no idea what to do. How do I even process this? How do we explain this to friends and family?”

The video of her confession was posted on TikTok, where viewers gave their opinions. Some suggested a DNA test, while others proposed embracing the child as part of an unconventional family arrangement.

However, some criticised the bride-to-be for inviting her friend into the bedroom in the first place.

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