Nationwide 'down': Bank users 'locked out of their accounts as app crashes' – with hundreds reporting no access | The Sun

BANK users are reportedly locked out of their Nationwide accounts as they app crashes.

Hundreds of Brits have reported that they're struggling to access their details and carry out any online banking.

The banking giant logged that issues started around 10pm last night following multiple customers complaints.

People then started experiencing issues again today around 4pm – with no idea of when the app will be fixed.

More than half of the problems have been with online banking while 42 per cent are to do with mobile banking.

Outages have also seen seven per cent of customer struggling with transferring funds.



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One person banking with Nationwide tweeted a screenshot of their app with the warning: "Sorry, we're unable to show you all your account info at the moment."

Another claimed they couldn't transfer money between their accounts.

A customer fumed that her food shop was cancelled overnight because the payment couldn't be taken.

She said: "Your mobile app is down again. What is it, don't you want people to eat?

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"Shopping delivery gets cancelled overnight as they can't get payment and now as I try to transfer money to get a take away delivered, the app down again.

"You're not fit for purpose."

Another echoed: "Are u serious right now? 4pm on a Sunday and no access to any of my accounts.

"I’m legit in line to pay for groceries, you’ve got to be kidding me."

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