Neighbours think it's weird that I live in a tiny home – they're all in caravans & house boats… it's the same thing | The Sun

A TINY home owner has hit back at neighbours who are surprised by the way he lives even though they stay in caravans and house boats.

David and his partner Becky bought a tiny house after deciding to cut down on space and live a better life.

The couple, who live with their small dog Digby, have found more financial freedom following their move to a tiny house.

David frequently vlogs his journey with Becky on his YouTube channel Living The Tiny Life and encourages people to follow in their footsteps.

However, in a video explaining why the couple decided to buy their tiny house, David hit back at his neighbours who think it's weird.

Explaining his decision to go small, he said: "I wouldn't say it's extreme but it's quite an unusual thing to do – particularly in the UK.

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"Tiny houses aren't so much of a thing but quite a lot of people live a tiny lifestyle.

"I think that's become more apparent since we've been living on a campsite because there's a lot of people here that live in caravans full time.

"You've also got people that live on canal boats, so I think the tiny lifestyle is quite active."

David claims that a huge benefit of him and Becky living in their tiny house is how their required income is significantly less.

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It enables them to have the freedom of not having to keep one specific job or risk losing their home.

"We also have the option of saving more money or regaining our time through working less," David said.

"I think you'd be surprised how easy it is and I wish we'd done it sooner!" he adds.

Although David claims that he doesn't need a "big house full of clutter", he accepts that there are disadvantages to the limited space.

He said: "Obviously there are a few cons – mainly compromises such as head room upstairs.

"I'm six foot tall and I've got about an inch of head room spare downstairs and then obviously upstairs there isn't any head room.

"We do occasionally bang our heads on the ceiling, I will say that, but I think that's just kind of always going to happen."

Elsewhere, one woman bought a tiny home for herself after her kids moved out and now has exactly what she wanted.

Karen bought a 16ft box home for herself and her cat to live in after feeling like she had way too much space in her home.

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In even more extreme circumstances, one man lives in a debt free home that he made out of mud and built for £150.

Sage Stoneman set himself the goal of spending as little money as possible on his naturistic home in order to be "connected to the environment".

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