Nestle makes big change to iconic chocolate bar recipe for only second time in 87 years – fans are divided | The Sun

NESTLE has made a big change to an iconic chocolate bar recipe for the second time in its 87-year history.

The food and drinks giant is cutting the amount of milk in its Milkybar buttons, blocks and bars.

The white chocolate will have its milk content decreased to 26.4% – down from 37.5%, says Nestle.

The change to the bars marks a reversal of its decision to up the recipe's milk content back in May 2017.

The move is aimed to streamline Milkybar's recipe across the UK and the rest of Europe.

It comes after fans of the white chocolate posted on Facebook and speculated that the recipe had changed.

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One person said: "I've just brought a bag of the Milkybar buttons with the new packaging and can officially confirm they have gone back to the old recipe."

But not everyone has noticed the change with another person saying: "Oh I had some other day I didn't even realise lol I just love chocolate."

The new recipe Milkybar products are being rolled out in stores across the UK right now.

A Nestle spokesperson said: "Our Milkybar products are now being made from the same white chocolate recipe as we use throughout the rest of Europe.

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"Moving to this recipe means our balance of ingredients has changed.

"However, milk remains one of the main ingredients of Milkybar and the amount of sugar remains unchanged.

"In UK testing, the European recipe was the overall preferred recipe, scoring higher across flavour, taste and texture.

"We are confident that it will be well received by Milkybar fans in the UK."

Launched in 1936, Milkybar has been popular in the UK and Ireland for generations.

In fact, Milkybar is the UK's number one white chocolate brand, according to Nestle.

Nestle says that the goodness of real milk takes centre stage in this smooth white chocolate.

And you won't find any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in it either.

It's a firm favourite in Continental Europe and Latin America too, where it's known as Galak.

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