Next Major ‘Elite Dangerous’ Update Won’t Arrive Until 2020

Space simulator game “Elite Dangerous” won’t get a major update until sometime next year, creator Frontier Developments said in a Steam post on Friday.

The team is working on the biggest “Elite” update yet, it said in a forum post in August, one that will be a “defining moment” in the game’s history, but it’s still very early in development.

“To give this more context, in order to realise the ambition for this update, and the size and scope of the content we wish to bring to the ‘Elite Dangerous’ galaxy, we estimate this major milestone will be ready by the latter half of 2020,” Frontier Developments said.

The studio will share more news and announcements about the update as development progresses. In the meantime, a smaller team is focused on improving the existing game. They will release a series of updates roughly every 3-4 months. The first two focus primarily on the new player experience, while subsequent patches focus on new features, perks, and content.

Frontier said it also plans to change developer supported in-game events in a big way. In the coming months, it wants to create “ongoing, engaging, and varied sets of content” for players to actively engage in.

“We have listened to community feedback regarding Community Goals and while they are an incredible tool, they have become somewhat routine for many Commanders. We felt that we needed to adjust them to be more event-related while taking our in-game events a big step further. We will gradually be changing our community goals and their frequency, using them within a larger schedule of development-led events to help us create more improved, meaningful and engaging experiences,” it said.

In addition to the Community Goals, it will add new scenarios, reputation and reward boosts, in-game interactions, and more.

“It is important to note that these updates will not take the same level of content or size that we have seen from our previous updates in Beyond or Horizons, as the majority of the development team will be focusing on the new era,” Frontier said.

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