Optical illusion is ‘absolutely correct’ as it shows if you’re adventurous

An optical illusion has captivated the internet after inviting viewers to challenge their perception with a mind-bending picture.

What you see first could determine whether you have an adventurous mindset or whether you seek a more stable life with predictable outcomes, it has been claimed.

The personality test was devised by Mia Yilin, who claims she can tell how your brain works based on elements that jump out to the eye first.

Many of Yillin’s optical illusions have garnered interest from social media users in recent months, often going viral with several millions of viewers.

In one of her latest posts, the content creator shared a mind-boggling picture of a landscape harbouring two poignant details.

The viewer is likely to see one of these components first, whether it be the bridge or the ships – and each could describe very different sets of characteristics.

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The content creator asked her viewers: “What’s the first thing you see in this painting?”

“If you first saw the bridge, then something you just want an escape from everyday life and instead, travel the world.”

The TikTok explained that your adventurous outlook on life is contagious. You’re always ready to have a good time, which explains why you have many friends.

“You truly are the life of the party,” added Mia.

Meanwhile, if you first saw the ships, you’re not a big fan of change, explained the content creator.

“Here and there, you’ll be open to trying new things,” she said. “But overall you just want to lead a stable life, it makes you frustrated when you’re not able to control the situation.”

The hundreds of comments that racked up in the comments of the video were a testimony to Yilin’s popularity on the app.

One commentator wrote: “My lord, this is absolutely correct for me!”

Many others followed with comments highlighting how “accurate” the test proved for them.

Though personalities do influence human perception, tests of this nature should be taken with a pinch of salt, as many experts argue that perceptual phenomena do not reflect personality types.

In other words, there is no concrete evidence that different personality tests can be determined through a picture.

These tests draw on the understanding that the human mind makes assumptions about the world based on what it sees.

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