Optical illusion tests your IQ as it asks you to spot hidden ball in 7 seconds

Optical illusions can reveal a lot about your eyesight and your personality traits.

The mind-boggling images could even work as subtle IQ tests as well.

So if you're looking to test your intelligence, why not give this image a try?

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Posted by general knowledge website Jagran Josh, the image is a tricky puzzle designed for both adults and kids.

It shows a beautiful picture of a beach where people can be seen enjoying a sunny day with their family.

In the photo, kids are playing on the sides of the beach, with one making a sand castle.

Now the tricky part of this optical illusion is that among the sun and fun, there's a ball hiding somewhere.

The image left many adults scratching their heads as they try to find the hidden ball.

If you're struggling to spot it, we can give you a slight clue.

You can try looking on the left side of the picture where the ball is the same colour as the umbrella.

Found it yet? If not, you can just scroll down below to find the answer.

Looking for more brainteasers?

A baffling optical illusion tricks people into seeing colour in this black and white snap.

Dean Jackson, known as beatonthebeeb on TikTok, highlighted how your brain can add vibrancy to a black and white image.

He starts off by sharing a colourless picture of a bridge – then shows a version of the image comprised of psychedelic colours.

Another optical illusion has two words hidden and only 45% of people can figure it out.

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