ouple get engaged LIVE on This Morning

‘I would have been out of there!’ This Morning viewers are left cringing as a man pops the question LIVE – in a surprise proposal complete with singing waiters and dancing flashmob

  • Ellen Marks and boyfriend Daniel, from London, got engaged live on the show 
  • Mark surprised his fiancée with dancers, singers and actors in Notting Hill
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A lucky woman was surprised by her boyfriend with a proposal live on today’s This Morning – but some viewers felt the moment was ‘cringe.’

Ellen Marks, from London, was whisked off to the Princess Royal Hotel in Notting Hill this morning by her boyfriend Daniel. 

However unbeknownst to Ellen, her romantic partner had hired actors and dancers and a singer for a very special proposal, that was broadcast live on the show today. 

Viewers got to watch at the actors burst into a rendition of Bruno Mars’ Marry You as an emotional Ellen fought back tears while Dan got down on one knee to pop the question. 

But while presenters Josie Gibson and Dermot O’Leary were charmed by the moment, viewers at home did not share their enthusiasm, claiming the couple’s special moment was a a bit ‘cringy.’ 

Boyfriend Daniel took his girlfriend Ellen Marks to the Princess Royal Hotel in Notting Hill today, where he surprised her with a proposal broadcast live on This Morning 

The segment was a total surprise to Ellen, who believed she had been whisked away by her boyfriend for a getaway for Valentine’s Day.

Viewers watched as the couple sat enjoying their breakfast at the hotel, before singer posing as a waiter burst into song.

In the background, dancers who had been posing as customers dragged Dan and Ellen away from their seats and began a routine into front of them. 

Ellen looked bewildered as she fought back tears, understanding what the song and unexpected dance routine all meant. 

Finally, the dancers opened their shirts, to reveal t-shirts reading ‘Will you marry me?’ as a giddy Dan got on one knee. 

‘Since the day I met you Helen, you made me happy, so happy everyday. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you

‘I want to ask you to marry me,’ he added, with a quiver in his voice. 

Ellen, who kept dabbing her eyes with a tissues, said yes, with the dancers and filming crew cheering her and Daniel on. 

Mark had taken Ellen on a romantic getaway to London for Valentine’s Day, but she had no idea she was about to be proposed to 

A singer dressed as a waiter began to sing to the couple while the dancers got in formation to the sound of Bruno Mars’ Marry You 

In the studio, Josie and Dermot were overjoyed for the couple and immediate showered them with congratulations.  

Ellen was still recovering from the surprise when Josie asked her how she was doing, replying: ‘Oh my goodness, I’m so shocked, I can’t, I’m gonna cry.

The couple were then invited by the presenters to end their date live in the This Morning studio. 

Ellen said she was still ‘absolutely gobsmacked,’ adding: ‘I’m still coming to terms with it. 

‘I was thinking “why is it taking you so long to drink your coffee”,’ she joked. 

Ellen was completely shocked after she accepted Daniel’s proposal and heard it had all been shown live on TV 

Josie Gibson and Dermot O’Leary invited the couple to join them on the This Morning couch later today 

They were treated to a meal by celebrity chef Gino d’Acampo  to celebrate their engagement. 

While Josie and Dermot were delighted for Ellen and Daniel, the proposal and the flashmob left viewers cold. 

Many remarked this would not have been their preferred way of being proposed to. 

One wrote: ‘Never thought it was physically possible for my toes to curl but here we are.’

Another added: ‘I’d have walked out of there. I hate things like that.’  

While Josie and Dermot were delighted for Ellen and Daniel, the proposal and the flashmob left viewers feeling cold

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