People are only just realising how silk is made – and its pretty gross

Although silk is one of the 'sexier' materials that many like to kit themselves out in, people are being turned off after realising how the textile is made.

Often, a pair of silky lingerie is bound to impress in the bedroom thanks to its smooth texture and shiny appearance – but this new information is certainly breaking the hearts of many.

While most pictured the silkworm hard at work 'spinning' a string or even 'pooping' out the threads needed to make the material, loads of people have been shielded from the 'dark' truth.

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Instead of hard day's graft, the bug is actually boiled in order to harvest the silk fibres.

That's right, boiled alive.

And people are 'horrified' to learn the gnarly facts about the much loved clothing material.

"What do you mean silk is made from boiling silkworms?" the Twitter user @shigeoreum fretted.

"This is a genuine question by the way.

"I thought silk worms made silk… and we collected them or something.

"I'm gonna pretend that I didn't see that post and move on with my day. I too thought there were silkworm work stations.

"I thought they sh*t silk from 9-to-5 and we collected them and gave them leaves for pay check… but apparently some places don't boil them and some do [boil] them in their cocoons."

Silkworms naturally produce silk fibres when they spin themselves into cocoons before they mature into a silkmoth.

But many don't make the transition as the cocoons, with the silkworms still in them, are boiled until the cocoons eventually unravel.

According to PETA, "at least 2,500 silkworms are killed to make every pound of silk".

Equally shocked at how some silk is made, many people fled to the comments to share their horror after the Twitter post went viral.

One person gasped: "I… I thought they spun out a lil string."

Another user added: "I thought they pooped it out or something and then people harvested it."

While a third voiced: "Wait me too, you have ruined my life."

Someone else admitted: "The way I'm never purchasing silk ever again."

Meanwhile, a fifth shared: "I can't handle this.

"You're telling me that every time I've put on a silk nightie trying to be extra sexy… I've really… just been… covering myself with boiled bugs?!

"I didn't even know bugs were part of the process."

And, this user slammed: "Pretty gross."

Well, we guess you learn something new everyday…even if it is grim!


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