People share the most painfully expensive accidents they have made

Credit cards at the ready! People share their most painfully expensive accidents – from incinerated PlayStation controllers to candle-scorched laptops

  • Social media users captured their most painfully expensive accidents online
  • Bored Panda decided to collate the best into a shocking, yet hilarious, gallery 
  • Including one father who melted his kids PS4 controllers in the oven by mistake 
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No matter how careful you are with your prized possessions, accidents are always bound to happen – and some are just too expensive to recover from quickly. 

Social media users from around the world captured their most painfully pricey accidents , which Bored Panda collated into a hilarious gallery.

One highlight includes a mother who accidentally incinerated her children’s PlayStation controllers after her partner hid them in the oven. 

Meanwhile, another person forgot their £4,000 bike was strapped to the roof of their car when parking in their garage – meaning they ruined both vehicles in one fell swoop. 

Here FEMAIL looks at the most shocking, yet hilarious, examples of expensive accidents…

Bad day: Social media users from around the world captured their most painfully expensive accidents and Bored Panda collated the best into a hilarious gallery including someone, in California, who forgot their £4K bike was on the car roof rack when parking in the garage

Duh! One dad who decided to hide his kids PS4 controllers in the oven so they would go to bed, however his wife unknowingly turned on the oven the following day and melted them

This dad was confused as the why the top left corner of his screen was blurry, only to realise a candle had belted the back of the laptop 

Yikes! While another person large screen TV came crashing down off the wall bracket and landed on the floor 

It’s the simple things: This person decided to buy expensive cat activity centre only for him to want to play in a small cardboard box 

Another person managed to break their laptop screen by closing it down on a single grain of rice 

Bad dog! This unlucky woman tried an expensive rental clothing site but when the packages got delivered and left in her back garden her two puppies tore the items to shreds 

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