Roses vs Quality Street: I compared tubs and there was a very surprising winner

Christmas is nearly here and it means it's the perfect time to indulge in our favourite sweet treats.

Like every year, supermarket shelves are once again laden with large tubs of delicious chocolates on offer and for Brits, there are two major contenders; Roses and Quality Street.

Chances are, you have never really paid much attention to which is better – Birmingham Live reporter Kirsty Bosley certainly hadn't.

But with the cost of everything so high, she wanted to be a bit more mindful and smarter when it comes to shopping this festive season.

So she decided, once and for all, to pit Nestle's Quality Street against Cadbury's Roses, to see which is best.

Both tubs are a fiver each now in Sainsbury's, 600g plastic tubs filled with individually wrapped chocolates. Kirsty got one of each and in the interests of consumer research, set about researching.

Here's what she found…


Both tubs are iconic and recognisable, though I do miss the embossed tins of my childhood. The blue plastic Roses tub, illustrated with pretty glowers, bears the Cadbury logo in the classic purple and gold colour scheme.

"A bright bunch of delicious chocolates", the label reads, a nod to Dorothy Cadbury, who grew up in the gardens of the Bournville factory. Though I'm trying not to give Cadbury a home advantage, it's hard not to when you're a Brummie.

Each chocolate in the Cadbury Roses tub is wrapped in colourful foiled wrappers, but they don't have the same charm as Quality Street's jewel-toned soft cellophane wrappers.

Quality Street's packaging always wins for me.


Inside a Cadbury Roses tub, you'll find nine different chocolates: Hazel Whirl, Caramel, Hazel in Caramel, Golden Barrel, Signature Truffle, Dairy Milk, Tangy Orange Creme, Strawberry Dream and Country Fudge.

For me, five of these are iconic, two are a bit dull (Country Fudge and Signature Truffle), and the orange and strawberry ones are just okay.

Quality Street offers 11 options, including three favourites, Green Triangle, Purple Ones and Caramel Swirls, and one that's a bit boring – the Coconut Eclair.

So, even though Quality Street has more variety, I think Roses has more must-have chocolates.


Here's what you'll find in a tub of Roses:

Hazel Whirl – 6

Caramel – 7

Hazel in Caramel – 6

Golden Barrel – 8

Signature Truffle – 4

Dairy Milk – 7

Tangy Orange Creme – 6

Strawberry Dream – 7

Country Fudge – 6

Total number of sweets – 57

And here's what we get in Quality Street:

Caramel Swirl – 7

Green Triangle – 4

Coconut Eclair – 5

Milk Choc Block – 4

Purple One – 5

Toffee Penny – 5

Toffee Finger – 7

Orange Chocolate Crunch – 5

Fudge – 8

Strawberry Delight – 7

Orange Creme – 6

Total number of sweets – 63

With this in mind, we have to give this category to Quality Street, just for the fact that we get more sweeties for our money and, when you're sharing, that matters.

And the winner is…

So when all is said and done, Quality Street won two of our three categories. However, I can't give the win to them, despite this.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is how many of the sweets inside each tub I'll want to devour in one sitting. And for me, Roses has the edge every time.

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