Sexy haircut which makes middle-aged women look younger

Michael Douglas gives tips on how to colour your hair at home

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As we age, our face shape changes. And with the inevitable sagging and drooping it is important to use our hair to our advantage. spoke exclusively to Inanch, Creative Director of award-winning hair salon Inanch London, about which haircuts are best for the maturer women among us.

Inanch told which cuts help “middle-aged women look younger”.

The expert favours a “shaggy long bob” – often referred to as a “lob” – which sits on the collarbone.

According to Inanch, this is a “flattering style” for women of a certain age, especially when styled into “tasselled curls” or “beach waves”.

But why is the “shaggy” style more youthful than a more polished, put together cut, according to the stylist?

Inanch explained that it’s a very “modern” cut, and a careful blend between “groomed and ungroomed”.

She continued: “It’s got that ‘just got out of bed’ look, it looks sexier. And it just looks younger.

“It’s not about having that perfect, straight blow-dry because I think that can be ageing.”

Having a more blunt cut and styled straight runs the risk of looking “too hard” on the face.

Rather, a choppy look can be a little more flattering on the face.

“I think that’s what people are finding out, that it’s okay to go a little bit more au natural.”

A way to enhance this shaggy, more messy lob long is to pair it with a fringe.

Inanch explained that this is a clever hack for looking younger because it can hide signs of ageing.

“It’s natural Botox where you’re sort of covering your forehead because you’re getting wrinkles and you don’t want to go down the Botox route yet.

“Then you get a fringe in and automatically it looks younger, more flattering.”

Avoiding Botox in favour of bangs is also a way to save money, and get an instant, cheaper fix.

The expert noted, however, that face shape is incredibly important when deciding on a haircut or bangs – “there’s a lot that goes into it”.

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For example, she stated: “Massive round eyes and a fringe looks amazing.”

Inanch added: “If you’ve got a really, really round round face and you do a bob at chin length, it’s going to make your face look rounder. So you want to go below the chin so it makes your face longer.

“If you’ve got a long face, you want to add width to your hair so that you don’t look like you have a long face. So there’s a lot there’s a lot that goes into it.”

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