Shoppers’ cunning theory as Aldi baked beans are flagged up as ‘high-risk item’

Baked beans have been labelled “a high-risk item” on self-service tills at Aldi – and shoppers reckon it's because they make you fart.

Regulars at the budget German supermarket chain were astonished to have the warning flash up when buying tins of Bramwell Baked Beans (410g).

Purchases of the flatulence-inducing staples require staff approval before shoppers can complete the payment process – like that normally used for booze or razor blades.

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One miffed Aldi fan wrote on chat site Reddit: “Probably been a warning bulletin passed around about your explosive beans farts.”

Another wag wrote: “They can potentially trigger the release dangerous gasses. It’s right that they’re classed as high risk.”

While a third joked: “I love a baked bean suppository.”

A fourth said simply: “Stop nicking them.”

With retailers losing nearly £1 billion a year to shoplifters some regulars thought the warning was linked to theft of the 45p-a-pop staple.

But bosses at the no-frills store say the security alert is the result of a computer glitch and not because the baked beans are being targeted by pilferers.

Chiefs say they are now “investigating” the matter with their IT team as “baked beans should not trigger this alert” which is designed for restricted items such as knives or alcohol.

Aldi was approached for comment.

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