Shrek AI filter goes viral after transforming influencers into ogres

AI has shown people what they would look like as Shrek.

Yes, you can now transform yourself into everybody's favourite ogre thanks to the latest advancement in technology. Over on TikTok, users are having fun using the tool that provides them with a chance to embody the green DreamWorks mythical character.

The 'Shrek AI' filter – created by user Maxim Kuszlin – has already been used by over 364,000 TikTok accounts as people are eager to transport themselves into the land of Far Far Away. And it's super easy to do as those with an account on the popular social media app just have to type in the effect, and hey presto – you've turned into an ogre!

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Beauty influencer, known as sobeauty28, gave the AI-generated ogre effect a go to see what she would look like other than her normal blonde bombshell self. She selected the filter which turned her skin green on the screen as the AI-generated image loaded.

In a matter of seconds, the content creator's features were altered to appear more Shrek-like. Along with the green skin, her head appeared bigger and she developed some pointy ears – but she still had some rather impressively styled eyebrows. After she had seen the image, the influencer smiled and put her thumb up.

Another influencer, Nikita Caslida, decided to give the Shrek AI filter a go as well. The dark-haired stunner, from the UK, first posed in a bright orange top and allowed her bra to poke through from underneath. Nikita selected the Shrek AI effect, pouted and then waited for the outcome as her skin turned green to begin with.

Again, in a matter of moments, Nikita revealed what she would look like as an ogre thanks to the AI-generated image. Her features appeared more prominent, along with a bigger nose and mouth – and the AI image removed her tattoos. The stunner then removed the image and laughed back in her naturally beautiful state.

"What is this," Nikita giggled in the caption to the viral video.

One fan replied: "A beautiful ogre."

Elsewhere, a man admitted that he has fallen in love with an AI chatbot called Mimi. He even shared that the pair go on nights out together, jet off on holiday and are even married.

Although, the bloke said that his relationship status is not legally binding as humans cannot marry robots – well, yet.

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