Six tattoos artists secretly hate doing – and the one inking they refuse to do

Given the three national lockdowns in a year have rendered tattoo studios closed for the majority of the last twelve months, there are many ink fans counting down the days until they are allowed their next inking.

However, before you rush back and demand the latest addition to your sleeve, take a moment to stop and determine whether or not it really is your dream design.

As a matter of fact, it turns out there are a few designs that even the most veteran of tattoo artists can’t stand.

It is always wise to research both the studio and the artist before you sit down to get permanently marked, each artist has their own style preferences and may not like the kind of ink you are after.

Here are five popular designs that your artist might not be a fan of:

Tiny Tattoos

Tota Volpe-Landi from Happy Sailor Tattoo in London told The Sun's Fabulous Magazine that the majority of tattoo artists will always prefer doing larger tatts than smaller ones.

She said: "Personally, I wouldn’t get a tiny infinite symbol on myself, but I have little tattoos I got on the spur of the moment, to mark something in my life.

"I prefer also doing tattoos that last in time, I’m not too keen on superfine lines."

It is well documented that tiny tattoos do not heal as well as their bigger counterparts, something that Naresh, a London-based artist and owner of Flamin’ Eight, revealed to Fabulous.

She explained: "Believe me, I've seen how these heal and if they survive the initial healing they do not age well and are often a source of regret when the sharp lines fade and blur once the dressings are removed."

Infinity Tattoos

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Anyone with even a slight interest in body art will know the infinity symbol is arguably the most commonly-seen tattoo around, which in turn inevitably means even the most patient of artists will eventually get bored of doing this design.

Stefan Dinu, from Inkaholics in London, claimed that this is the design he hates most, purely because ”the volume of enquiries we got throughout the years, it's a design that makes you roll your eyes and say 'not again!'"

Feather and Bird tatt

Often spotted etched around someone’s wrist, or on occasion on the ribcage, this design has been used more than enough.

Popular designs

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Roses, pocket watches and roman numerals are just three of a host of designs that can usually be found adorned on many tatt fanatics up and down the country.

Following popular trends is usually ill-advised when it comes to permanent body art, given how quickly these designs come and go in and out of fashion.

Stefan told Fabulous: "Times are changing, fashion comes and goes. If you get your tattoos because they are fashionable you will most likely regret it a year later."

Name Tattoos

In many ways, the bravest inking of them all, getting someone’s name placed onto your body forever via needle is an incredible show of faith in whoever’s name you are getting; however, they are not to every artist’s taste.

Stefan said: "After 17 years as a tattoo artist I still don't understand why people get their partners' name on them, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

"If any couples out there are thinking [about getting] their names tattooed on each other, please try to think of something a bit more meaningful and original that represents the love for each other."

Celebrity Inspired Ink

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Whether it be David Beckham or Rihanna, a celebrity’s latest tatt will almost always lead to a flurry of admiring followers getting the same art inked on them.

Some celebs, such as musician Post Malone, have particularly outlandish tattoos in areas of the body some studios will refuse to tatt, such as the face or in some cases the hands.

Hand tattoos are extremely common among celebs, with Cheryl Cole, Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne all boasting hand ink – but due to the smaller surface area of skin to work with, these tatts are more likely to fade and heal poorly.

What tatts are a no go?

Though it is rare an artist will flat out refuse to do a design, many will seek to work with their client to offer advice and steer them in the best direction.

Any experienced artist will never judge a client's request, but customers who ask for inking's while drunk or underage are likely to be denied.

Artists will often have areas of the body they do not enjoy tattooing, with particularly visible areas such as the face, hands and neck often declined, especially if they are the person’s first tattoo.

Flamin’ Eight studio owner Naresh told Fabulous "I do sometimes refuse to do certain designs and will not do anything that could be deemed offensive," he said.

He added: "Clients with few or no other tattoos are unlikely to convince me to tattoo very visible areas like hands or necks."

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