Teenager felt like a monster after allergic reaction to hair dye

Teenager reveals she ‘felt like a monster’ after allergic reaction to hair dye made her face swell so badly she couldn’t see out of one eye

  • Luisa Kamei, 19, from Brazil, issued a warning to her followers on social media
  • Dyed her hair with same dark colour she’s been using for years 
  • Two days later she woke with an oozing scalp and her face swelled up 
  • Said she cried when she saw her ‘disfigured’ face and couldn’t see out of one eye 

A model has been left feeling ‘like a monster’ after dyeing her hair and suffering a severe allergic reaction to her face.

Luisa Kamei, 19, from Brazil, issued a warning to her followers as a set of shocking images show her face badly swollen.

On 21 December, the influencer, who has more than 13,400 followers, warned that 48-hour allergy tests recommended by manufacturers are not always enough to protect customers.

Luisa claims a box of hair dye, not mentioning the brand name, caused a list of symptoms after she used it earlier this month.

Luisa Kamei, 19, from Brazil (left), issued a warning to her followers after suffering an allergic reaction to hair dye (right), which left her unable to see out of her right eye 

The aspiring model’s face allegedly blew up so badly that she was unable to see out of one eye.

‘On 16 December, I decided I would dye my hair. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been doing this for years,’ she said.

‘I had a disfigured face caused by the hair dye.

Luisa, who is an aspiring model, said she’s been dyeing her dark hair for years without any trouble. But her face swelled up so badly she ‘felt like a monster’

Luisa said she wanted to warn others after a doctor told her the reaction could have been a lot worse if she hadn’t got to the hospital in time 

Luisa woke up to find liquid pouring out of her scalp and the next day her face swelled up and she couldn’t open her right eye 

‘I’ve never had such a reaction.

‘Two days after dyeing my hair, I woke up with a liquid coming out of the scalp and the next day with my face swollen to the point where I couldn’t open one of my eyes.

‘Allergies to hair dyes are a very serious thing for people with sensitive skin.

‘Some people may lose their hair or suffer wounds on their scalp, among other health-related problems. 

Aspiring model Luisa has more than 13,400 followers on social media, and decided to use her platform to spread the message 

Knowing that allergies can be very severe, Luisa is determined to warn others, saying that the 48-hour test recommended on most hair dye boxes is not enough 

‘A more severe allergic reaction can cause swelling and redness of the face and scalp, difficulty breathing, and even a severe, whole-body allergic reaction.

‘That’s what happened to me.’

The teenager went to the doctor in great discomfort after her face continued to swell up.

She claims: ‘According to the doctor if I had taken any longer to get to the hospital, the effects of the allergic reaction could have been even worse.

The teenager’s right eye was so swollen she wasn’t able to see and had to cover up with sunglasses because of the painful swelling 

Luisa said the sight of her swollen face in the mirror made her cry because she ‘felt like a monster’ 

Now back to her glamorous best, Luisa is determined to use her experience to warn others about the potential dangers of hair dye 

Luisa said she plucked up the courage to show what happened so that others wouldn’t go through the same experience

‘I looked in the mirror and all I could do was cry. I felt like a monster.’

Finally, she issued a stark warning to her fans.

Luisa added: ‘But today, I built up the courage to show you how I looked and highlight the issue.

‘Be careful with the type of products you use.

‘The 48-hour allergy test recommended by the manufacturers is not always enough.’

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