There are approximately 13% of all adults in the United States smoke cigarettes or cigars daily. Although it was found out that not exercising is worse that smoking, smoking is still a neglect in the body. While most smokers stick to cheaper, standard-quality items, some go all out to enjoy the comfort and relaxation that smoking can provide them. For marketing purposes, some businesses develop gimmicks like the infamous $100,000 Lucky Strikes they sold in 2007. However, genuine luxury labels are more concerned with producing excellent products than making a splash in the media. Take a look at the World’s most expensive cigarettes right here.

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10 Davidoff – $5.90

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For more than a century, Davidoff has been recognized as one of the most illustrious names in global branding. Davidoff cigarette papers are finer-grained than most because only the most delicate leaves are used. Silver, Gold, and Classic are just a few of the high-end cigarette brands produced by the corporation; menthol enthusiasts can even try out the Ice Green kind. Different varieties with distinctive aromas and flavors, such as Davidoff Supreme, Blue, and Magenta, are also available.

9 Marlboro Vintage – $9.80

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If you’re looking for the most well-known luxury cigarette brand, it’s hard to beat Marlboro. Phillip Morris USA, which produces several cigarette brands, includes this one. Marlboro cigarettes have been the best-selling brand in the World continuously since 1972, thanks in large part to their instantly recognizable brand name. However, whether the company’s latest bet on nicotine pouches worn beneath the top lip would pay off, in the long run is unclear.

8 Sobranie Black Russians – $12.50

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One of the World’s oldest tobacco firms, Sobranie cigarettes, was founded in London in 1879 by Romanian immigrant Albert Weinberg. The Sobranie Black Russians come in a gorgeous black and gold packet that exudes luxury and style; the gold foil inside the package adds even more glitz. Aside from its flagship product, Sobranie also produces several other cigarette brands for its smoker clientele. All the company’s goods feature premium tobacco, including roasted and yellow tobacco that complements the items’ elegant packaging.

7 Black Devil – $18.80

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On one of the few occasions we’ll be leaving the United Kingdom on this list, the Black Devil brand is a Dutch import. Huepink & Bloemen makes them, and their products have become instantly recognizable for their unique design. Black Devil cigarettes are well-known for their one-of-a-kind tastes just like the Lebron 15s that are studded with gold and diamonds. The cigarette is flavored with vanilla with chai spice undertones. Rather than having that typical cigarette odor, they have the aroma of burning incense. Individual packs of Black Devil cigarettes cost $18.80.

6 Woodbine Virginia Blend – $20.35

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In 2019, Imperial Tobacco, the Woodbine cigarette brand’s owner and manufacturer, produced these cigarettes in the United Kingdom. The woodbine blossom inspired the name of one of the World’s oldest tobacco brands: Woodbine cigarettes. In 1888, WDWD. & H.O. Wills introduced the World to Woodbine. They are one of the most well-known premium classic cigarettes in the United Kingdom, and the sturdy crush-proof pack keeps them safe throughout transport. Woodbine Cigarettes Virginia Blend is still one of the most popular untipped cigarette brands in the UK, and this crush-proof pack is the only way to purchase them. Woodbine Virginia Blend costs around $20.35 per carton.

5 Dunhill – $20

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British American Tobacco now owns and manufactures the premium brand of cigarettes known as Dunhill International. Even though Alfred Dunhill established the Dunhill brand in 1907, the current version of these cigarettes didn’t enter production until 1999. It was named after prominent late-Nineteenth-Century tobacco merchant Alfred Dunhill. Their label claims that they employ a packaging method for their tobacco that eliminates the need for fillers. Dunhill is a relatively tiny producer compared to others on our list; as a result, shops may restrict the number of packs you can purchase at once.

4 Rothmans Original – $21.55

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Having started in London in 1890, this firm can claim to be among the market’s pioneers. Since the company collapsed in 1999, however, any unopened packs of Rothmans cigarettes have become highly sought after by collectors. It is not rare for someone to collect cigarettes since even the rarest coins can be added to collections. The Rothmans factories in Darlington and Spennymoor were shut down in the early 2000s when British American Tobacco acquired the company. At their current $21.55 price, these packets are among the priciest on the market. The Dutch-based Rothmans is primarily known for its more expensive brands in Europe and Africa but has a limited foothold in the United States.

3 Silk Cut Cigarette – $29

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Silk Cut is a British company owned by Japan Tobacco’s Gallaher Group subsidiary. Iconic white boxes from the brand house the logo in blue, red, silver, white, green, or purple (the latter being a nod to royalty). When people realized how bad smoking was for them, many converted to this brand because of its lower tar content, propelling it to global prominence in the 1970s and 1980s. With a tar content of 5 mg, Silk Cut had a greater appeal to smokers, especially women, than more powerful brands like Benson & Hedges or Marlboro.

2 Treasurer Aluminum Gold – $60

The costliest cigarette manufacturer in the World is Treasurer, with the Treasurer Aluminum Gold being one of the most treasured cigars they currently offer. Chancellor Tobacco Company Limited, headquartered in the United Kingdom, a country where the best universities can be found, has been in the cigarette business since 1999. Treasurer Aluminum Gold cigarettes, like all Treasurer cigarettes, are packaged in a hot foil wrapper bearing the brand’s recognizable logo. The cardboard shoulder boxes, topped with foil to make them feel more luxurious, include the same wonderfully designed, elegant logo. Virginian tobacco has been used to relate these cigarettes to its pure and energizing qualities as a popular blend and flavor.

1 Treasurer Luxury Black – $67

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The Chancellor Tobacco Company Limited produces the most expensive cigarette ever made, the Treasurer Luxury Black. Their premium cigarettes are 90mm long, longer than King Size, and are commonly compared to the premium cigarettes made with pure Virginia tobacco. The Treasurer logo is hot-stamped onto the tip of every Treasurer cigarette. Luxury is immediately apparent from the embossed emblem and foiled dome on the cardboard shoulder boxes. They can cost as much as $67 per bundle when purchasing the Luxury Gold variety.

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