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THERE'S nothing worse than seeing a giant pile of clothes knowing you have to iron every single one of them.

It's a tedious task that most of us hate, and it can take hours to get through.

Fortunately, a cleaning expert has revealed her go to cleaning hack to make the job go quicker.

Of course, we'd all prefer to be able to wave a magic wand and get it done in seconds, but we'll take anything to speed the task up.

Taking to social media, New York-based cleaning expert Caroline shared kitchen foil is the secret hack you need to know about.

"Grab your ironing board and some aluminium foil, peel off the cover and lay down a sheet of aluminium,"

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She said it was vital to make sure the shiny side of the foil was facing upwards toward the clothes.

Next, Caroline put the ironing board cover back on and began to iron her clothes.

The expert said: "This will iron your clothes so much faster.”

Caroline continued: “Aluminium is a great thermal conductor so it speeds up ironing, it basically irons both sides at the same time.”

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This is because the foil reflects heat straight onto the underside of the garments, effectively acting like a second iron, reports the Express.

The video was a hit with others who hated the chore and thanked her for sharing her hack.

One person wrote: "Definitely going to try this! Thanks."

Another commented: "Wow! Good idea."

"Nice trick but I don’t think it‘s worth it for me. Aluminium foil is so bad for the environment," penned a third.

You can buy tin foil tin at Waitrose and Partners retailing for 39p.

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Meanwhile, the £1.50 miracle product one cleaning expert swears by to remove rust and even nail polish.

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