The Chic List: Yes, I'm guilty of pleasure

The Chic List: Yes, I’m guilty of pleasure

We live in a world where we’re constantly being told off for what we eat and drink. TikTok is crammed with stern, gaunt-looking women lecturing us about the perils of not just the obvious fast foods but everything from bananas and avocados to coffee. Remember the hellfire of fury that descended on poor Gwynnie when she fessed up to sipping just bone broth for lunch?

And don’t even dream of enjoying any sweet treats. Step away from that deliciously gooey slice of chocolate cake before it kills you!

Even worse, many of my female peers are giving up alcohol – or at least seriously contemplating it.

This stems from a heavy guilt – why are we women constantly tormented by this emotion? – caused by all those rosé and fizz-fuelled summer events and parties.

Those who have put down their glass for good tell me their lives have more clarity, their minds are brighter and they are achieving more in their day because they never suffer that morning-after slump. Which makes everyone else my age feel like they are on a slippery slope to Loserville.


I sometimes wonder whether I could be that person who rises at 6am, goes for a jog then works out some more before sitting at her desk, glowing with health and virtue. That woman who manages to fill her day with all the right foods. Cuts out chocolate. Then in the evening leaves that chilled bottle of white burgundy untouched in the fridge while sitting in the garden sipping a fizzy water or peppermint tea.

I’m sure I would feel and look much better if I purged my life of all my favourite things. And I might live a little longer. But god, would I be bored.

Just like I’d be if I did the other sensible thing and curbed my love of clothes. Especially right now because late July and August is my absolute favourite time of the year for summer fashion.

The recent Paris shows underlined that not overthinking outfits – and enjoying simple fuss-free combinations – is the way to go right now

I call this period – in which I’ll don long dresses and go barefoot on a beach or under a tree in the park – my wafting weeks.

With their easy-breezy linens, my go-to labels at this time include Mara Hoffman, Joseph and Massimo Dutti (see right) and, for minimalists, Crea Concept and Reformation.

The recent Paris shows underlined that not overthinking outfits – and enjoying simple fuss-free combinations – is the way to go right now, with white shirts, baggy denims and heels big hits both on and off the catwalks. So were waistcoats (worn with nothing underneath) teamed with cargo trousers and simple tank tops with summer skirts.

In fact, I feel very well in all of these looks. Everything in moderation – and pass the cake!




As investigator Rya Goodwin in new Apple TV+ psychological thriller The Crowded Room, actress Amanda Seyfried is mesmerising. Also worth a shoutout is her stylish wardrobe which, with the drama set in 1979, sees her rocking the decade’s checked blazers and masculine-cut trousers. 


Toteme’s growing range of accessories is just delicious. The brand is my go-to for simple wardrobe pieces that will stand the test of time. These sandals are on my wish list and, having done a little road test of them for this column, I can vouch for their comfort. 

Sandals, £420, Toteme,


Shirtdress, £99.95,

Perfect as a stylish beach cover-up or for wafting around in over the rest of the summer, I’m loving this ikat-print shirtdress. Sleek it up with heels or wear over white trousers and flats. The options are endless. 

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