The Net Worth Of The Cast Of ‘Good Luck To You Leo Grande’, Ranked

Who could have predicted that a British comedy-drama about a widow’s sexual awakening would have garnered success? The film premiered at the beginning of this year at the Sundance Film Festival before it was released this month (via Lionsgate at traditional theaters in the UK and via Searchlight Pictures streamed on Hulu in the US).

Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack take everything that society thinks they know about relationships, intimacy, and the sex industry and turns it upside down! This is a film that is short in cast members but still packs a big punch. The chemistry between the unlikely pair who are each leading somewhat secret lives is all we need!

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Emma Thompson

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Although Emma Thompson, 63, plays a widow who is testing the waters after a passionless marriage, in real life she has been happily married to hubby Greg Wise since 2003. In this film, she portrays the character of Nancy Stokes a.k.a Susan Robinson but you might know Thompson from her work in the Harry Potter franchise and Nanny McPhee. And in addition to being a successful actress, Thompson is also a Dame! Her full name is Dame Emma Thompson DBE and as of this writing, her net worth is a whopping $60 million.

Daryl McCormack

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McCormack, 29, is best known for his work in Peaky Blinders. The Irish actor, who plays Leo Grande a.k.a Connor in this film is a true rising star with interesting roots. His mother’s side of the family has deep roots in Ireland and while on a vacation in California one year, she met his father who hailed from Baltimore. Though the actor’s mother moved back to Ireland to raise her son, he maintains strong contact with his father’s side of the family to this day. Today, his net worth is estimated at $2 million but as he is just an up-and-coming actor, that number is likely to change in big ways soon.

Isabella Laughland

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Isabella “Izzy” Laughland, 31,  plays the part of Becky. Becky is a former student of Emma Thompson’s character who runs into the two main characters near the end of the film. She has a short part but it’s impactful because Becky’s role in the movie helps Thompson’s character to realize some old mistakes and past judgements and ultimately, helps with her personal growth journey. The British-born actress’ net worth is said to be estimated at $2 million.

Charlotte Ware

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Charlotte Ware plays the role of “Waitress 1” in the film, serving the slightly odd yet dynamic pair. The new actress, who is also a talented musician, counts this as her first official film credit. As such, she has yet to amass the wealth that a typical actor has and doesn’t have a net worth listed just yet. We all have to start somewhere!

Carina Lopes

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Carina Lopes is credited as “Waitress 2” in the movie. Since the film heavily revolves around the two main characters, in situations like these, it can be difficult to gain traction and exposure for a new actress with a smaller part in a movie but since Good Luck To You Leo Grande is being called a “one-of-a-kind” film, we have a good feeling that Ms. Lopes’ future will soon be full of acting gigs, exposure, and of course, a sizable net worth.

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