This 'unbelievable' hair treatment transforms frizzy hair

REVEALED: The ‘unbelievable’ keratin hair treatment praised for transforming frizzy hair leaving locks ‘silky smooth’ – and it’s on sale for £30.32

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If your hair is prone to frizz, you may be interested in hearing about this ‘unbelievable’ at-home treatment which promises to leave hair ‘perfectly frizz-free’ for up to three months – and it works in just 60 minutes.

The award-winning ANSWR At-home Keratin Treatment, which simultaneously eliminates and controls frizz while magnifying shine and is now on sale with 25 per cent off, has received rave reviews online.

Frizzy hair? Cue: The award-winning ANSWR At-home Keratin Treatment. Effective on all hair types, the treatment simultaneously eliminates and controls frizz while magnifying shine in just 60 minutes.

Quick and easy to use, the at-home treatment harnesses the brand’s VeratinTech technology that helps to restore weak links between protein chains, sealing hair cuticles for a frizz-free, smooth finish.

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Before and after: The award-winning ANSWR At-home Keratin Treatment simultaneously eliminates and controls frizz while magnifying shine 

Smoothing treatment: Not to be confused with a straightening treatment, the keratin-based product defines curls and leaves them frizz-free 

Hundreds who have tried the now £30.32 hair treatment heaped praise on its smoothing abilities, claiming it’s a quick and easy solution to combating unwanted frizz for all hair types and textures.

Reviewers who are ‘astounded’ by the results referred to the product as a ‘frizzy girls DREAM’, crowning it ‘the most amazing product ever’ for ‘silky smooth’ locks. And the photos speak for themselves.

‘No frizz, super shiny and straight,’ one customer wrote. ‘After 2.5 weeks, it’s still looking great, no frizz, straight and shiny.     

‘Some days I don’t even need to use straighteners as it’s so straight (I used to use them everyday).’

Others note how it’s a cheap and effective alternative to salon keratin treatments, which can cost hundreds of pounds.

‘More than amazing,’ another added. ‘ANSWR is every bit as effective as having hair done in a salon and paying hundreds of pounds. Such a great product. I’m just about to use it for the fourth time.’

‘It has absolutely transformed my dull, dry, frizzy hair into healthy smooth looking hair,’ a third shopper wrote.

Salon alternative: Enough for 1-2 treatments users have shared how it’s a cheap and effective alternative to salon keratin treatments, which can cost hundreds of pounds 

‘I used to spend hundreds of pounds and many hours in hairdressers getting keratin blow drys for results which weren’t even as good as this. Highly recommend.’

Free from any harsh chemicals, the ANSWR At-home Keratin Treatment is formulated with VeratinTech technology, a 100 per cent vegan sourced keratin (wheat at soy) with gentle acids to help control frizz, seal cuticles, and balance your hair’s pH while restoring softness and shine.

All you need to do is spray your hair so that it’s completely saturated with the treatment and leave it to act for 40 to 60 minutes before rinsing off, blow-drying and straightening it to finish.   


1. After the application of the treatment, it absorbs to the hair cuticle – the topmost layer of the hair strand.

2. During the action time, treatment enters the second and thickest layer of the hair strand.

3. The acids modify the weak and reversible bonds between protein chains.

4. Amino acids of the vegan keratin creates new links between existing proteins and keratin is absorbed by the core of the hair strand.

5. The treatment is washed off when the viable links have been fixed. Some stronger bonds, such as ones damaged by bleaching, may not be fixed.

6. The heat of the iron seals the new bonds and the cuticle back down – making the hair de-frizzed and shiny.

7. Blow-drying with hot air after each wash makes the cuticles settle down again, which enables the hair to be smooth for up to three months.

8. Links between protein chains fade gradually with each hair wash. To seal them again, the treatment can be repeated every second month.

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