Tiffany Haddish Crashed Weddings When She Was 'Homeless and Hungry'

"Everybody would be looking at me like, ‘Who is this Black girl at our wedding?'" recalled the comedian.

Tiffany Haddish is opening up about the times when she would crash weddings just to get a hot meal.

In honor of season 2 of The Afterparty, Haddish spoke to People about the weddings she attended in her past.

“I’ve crashed weddings before, given a speech and didn’t know anybody there,” she revealed. “That’s when I was homeless and hungry.”

She often frequented a hotel in LA’s Westchester neighborhood because of the free food and drink the ceremony provided.

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“I would have two or three drinks, and then I would grab the microphone and be like, ‘I just want to say that you are the most beautiful couple,'” explained Haddish, 47.

“Everybody would be looking at me like, ‘Who is this Black girl at our wedding?'” she added.

Now that Haddish has achieved worldwide success, the actress is remembering where she came from and reminds herself to relax.

“I try my best not to hold onto to too many emotions because I feel like when you hold onto all those emotions, they make you crazy and then you get delusional,” said Haddish. “Sleep is the key. And don’t be afraid to go out in nature. Take your shoes off and walk in some grass.”

The Afterparty streams Wednesdays on Apple TV+.

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