Top two haircuts for disguising signs of ageing – pictures

Michael Douglas gives tips on how to colour your hair at home

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Looking younger isn’t just skin deep – the way you cut, colour and style your hair can also play a huge part in how youthful your appearance is. Bellissima Hair Expert Hanna Karlsson spoke exclusively to about what women can ask for in the salon to take years off their face.

Hannah offered a simple, non-drastic solution to an ageing face – but she added a caveat.

She told “Fringes can often soften facial features and can help disguise an ageing forehead.

“You want your fringe to come down long enough over your forehead and temples so that it doesn’t accentuate any fine lines around your eyes too.”

Lines on the forehead are inevitable with age and are compounded by particular facial expressions being repeated such as raising the eyebrows.

Of course, bangs won’t get rid of the lines on your forehead, but can do wonders for concealing them.

Plus, little pieces of hair around or on the forehead “will frame your face and eyes effortlessly”.

For styling bangs, Hannah recommended the Bellissima 8-in-1 Air Wonder, which will help “add life to your fringe”.

A second style Hannah recommended for a “youthful illusion” is the “modern bob”.

She explained: “The sharp, choppy bob sits nicely around the jawline and can immediately make you feel and look younger by removing length and weight from your appearance.”

The chic look will also mean healthier hair, as you will have to chop off any split ends to achieve this shorter cut.

What’s more, a trendy bob will work to lift the face up, as opposed to longer styles which have the possible effect of drawing the eyes down.

A bob feels light and takes weight away from the face for a vibrant finish and feeling.

Hannah recommended using the Bellissima Steam Elixir to go over your bob to “leave a sleek, chic finish without damaging your hair”.

While the cut of your hair is crucial for creating an illusion of youth, Hannah’s third tip was all about style.

However, the expert warned that this is one for those “who are not afraid to experiment” with their appearance.

This look is a head of voluminous curls with a parting that veers off slightly to one side.

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Hannah explained: “This style works magic for women with longer, thicker hair and gives off a beautiful, timeless Hollywood glam look. Pushing your parting slightly to the side and creating an irregular pattern can look very flattering on older women.”

This is because it will help “lift and brighten their features”.

A middle parting can drag the face down, making the jaw look a little saggy in some cases. Hannah recommended the Bellissima 8-in-1 Air Wonder to create a youthful bouncy blow dry look.

To create the perfect curly style, it is important to add lift to the root with a volume brush and create curls with a wavy brush.

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