TV viewers furious at couple who tape their sex life for podcast

Husband and wife who record themselves having sex and describe their every move as they reach orgasm claim their podcast helps other couples – but cynical This Morning viewers brand them ‘exhibitionists’

  • Lacey Haynes, 37, and Flynn Talbot, 40, record their sex life for podcast
  • The Sussex-based couple say making the show boosted their ailing intimacy
  • They appeared on This Morning today to explain why they do it
  • But viewers reacted with fury, branding them ‘weirdos’ and ‘exhibitionists’    

A couple who record themselves having sex for their podcast have prompted fury from television viewers after appearing on This Morning.

Intuitive healer Lacey Haynes, 37, and her life coach husband Flynn Talbot, 40 were branded ‘weirdos’ and ‘exhibitionists’ by Twitter users who also warned the couple that ‘the internet is forever’, and that their children may hear the show.

The Sussex-based couple launched their podcast, Lacey and Flynn Have Sex, in April 2021. They realised there was demand for coaching in intimate subjects after Lacey launched a ‘p***y-gazing’ class, which took her to festivals across the UK. 

Since then, it has enjoyed significant success, with more than 170,000 downloads, and listeners in 50 countries. In addition, the couple says it has improved their relationship.

The couple revealed that their sex life had ‘dried up’ after having two children, despite being ‘hot and heavy’ when they first got together over 10 years ago

Intuitive healer Lacey Haynes (left) and her life coach husband Flynn Talbot (right) appeared on This Morning to discuss why they record themselves having sex for their podcast 

Many viewers were unimpressed by the sound of the podcast, and took to Twitter to vent their feelings

During the episodes, the couple record themselves being intimate, describing what they’re doing to each other in order to ‘help listeners have more fulfilling sex’, and having orgasms.

As well as recording their sex sessions, the episodes include them discussing topics like ‘using your genitals for the full sensory experience’, ‘the vaginal canal’s response to the mind’s position’, and ‘how cervical slamming is possible and enjoyable’.  

On top of transforming their relationship, they also launched a business off the back of their efforts, offering private coaching and online courses.  

The pair, who met more than 10 years ago, told This Morning hosts Philip Schofield and Rochelle Hulmes that their sex life started ‘hot and heavy’, but had ‘dried up’ after having two children. They found Flynn’s libido was much stronger than Lacey’s.

‘We decided that storyline wasn’t one we wanted to perpetuate in our relationship,’ Flynn said.

‘It was the only part of our relationship that wasn’t working. Everything else was amazing…were we going to carry that for the rest of our lives?’  

They decided to invest time and effort into their sex life, reading on books about diet and exercise as well as performing yoga to help them boost their libidos. 

The project isn’t just an excuse to have sex on a podcast, they said, describing some of the topics they discuss on the show.

‘We explore healing past trauma, we explore communication breakdowns,’ explained Lacey. ‘There’s nothing pretty about it necessarily.  

Lacey and Flynn say their podcast is not performative pornography, rather it is ‘real’, and often ‘isn’t necessarily pretty’

The couple shared this Instagram image of Flynn sorting out the recording devices after taping themselves having sex for their second episode

‘That’s what makes it so relatable and what’s made it so popular – people can see themselves and solutions for dealing with the issues they’re having.

‘It’s not just two people having a pornographic experience that’s put on, it’s real.’    

The intuitive healer added that women often ‘don’t feel fully in contact with their desires’, they haven’t been able to ask for what they want, and can feel disempowered. 

She said the podcast can help them feel more empowered by asking for what they want, meaning sex is more enjoyable for both people, as they are getting what they want. 

Among the criticisms online, were comments branding the couple ‘weirdos’, and ‘exhibitionists’ 

However, many viewers were unimpressed with what they heard, and took to Twitter to share their displeasure.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Surely, when you’re in a long term relationship, you just pipe up about what you want? You don’t have to listen to two weirdos having sex to find your voice.’

Another added: ‘Why are they pretending like there’s a deeper reason for shagging on their podcast? They do it because they’re exhibitionists. Nothing more, nothing less.’

A third wrote: ‘How low can This Morning sink. Who wants this kind of subject these type of people are selling. Get a grip.’


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