Uni student ‘fat-shamed’ by lecturer ‘who said she was too big to wear shorts’

An American university student has revealed how she was 'fat-shamed' by a lecturer who forced her to change clothes because she was 'too big' to wear denim shorts.

The TikTok user who posts as Mrs Crimz took to the app in response to a trending video that asked 'what is the wildest way you've ever been fat-shamed?' claiming that she was branded 'disgusting' for wearing shorts on her first day.

In the video, which has gained more than 10,000 likes, the woman explained: "I walked over to her and I was like, 'yes, ma'am did I do something wrong?

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"She goes, 'yeah, your shorts. You need to go change right now.' I was like, 'what's wrong? My shorts they're in the dress code. They're fine.'

"She leans in my face and goes, 'you are not a very good size to be wearing those. You need to go change right now. Or I will take you up to the office and call your mother and tell her to bring you something myself.'

"And I was like, 'did you just call me fat in front of everyone?' Literally, everyone heard that my friends heard it.

"The people around us heard it, everyone f**king heard this lady called me fat."

She went on to explain how she went to the office where the staff member told her she was dressed fine and could go back to class.

But the teacher wasn't having any of it and dragged her back into the office to call her mum and make her bring her a change of clothes.

During the ordeal, the student claims that the member of staff told her she had to change because she 'looked disgusting'.

TikTok users were appalled by the story and took to the comments saying that she shouldn't be treated that way by faculty members.

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One user said: "As a parent, there is NO WAY my child would be changing. I would have done everything needed to make sure they were treated equally."

Another added: "This happened to me all the time too. It's usually adults that do it to children."

A third wrote: "Oh, I would have EMBARRASSED her."

A fourth commented: "I am so sorry that happened."


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